You Can Now Stream Wheel Of Fortune Online

Wheel of Fortune is by far and away one of the most popular game shows of all time. It debuted in the US in January 1975, and since then, there have been a whopping thirty-nine seasons in total, a number that continues to grow. And, fans of the hit TV show can now get their Wheel of Fortune fix on demand.

What’s often been the case where Wheel of Fortune is that those who enjoy watching have had to wait for a new episode to hit the screens or for an old episode to be aired. However, waiting is now very much a thing of the past, as Pluto TV, a free streaming platform has penned an agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment that will allow for a channel to air Wheel of Fortune 24/7.

It’s a move by Pluto TV that will not only please fans of the show, but it makes a lot of sense too. From the very beginning, Wheel of Fortune quickly became popular and went on to inspire versions of itself in other countries, such as the UK, where you could suggest it was equally as popular. People couldn’t get enough of the game show. But, because there are only ever limited spots to take part, and there’s always been a wait between episodes, there’s consistently been a thirst for more.

What this led to, was various online slot games being inspired by Wheel of Fortune. And the critical takehome here is that as punters play Wheel of Fortune Megaways or Wheel of Fortune on Tour, they’re going to have the opportunity to win some money, which is akin to what happens on the TV show. So, there’s a degree of authenticity when playing slots inspired by Wheel of Fortune. And again, it’s on-demand because playing at online casinos is possible wherever and whenever, 24/7.

Pluto TV aim to replicate this on-demand experience with the launch of a dedicated channel for the show. And what’s even more interesting is that the agreement isn’t just for episodes that are from a few years ago. There’s a plan from Sony to allow Pluto TV access to shows from the archives. So, when you consider that Wheel of Fortune has been going for coming up to fifty years, there will be a lot of episodes to go at, and many that viewers will not have seen or may have forgotten about.

The news of a 24/7 Wheel of Fortune streaming platform will also give the show a timely boost and catapult it back into the public eye and conversations once again. It’s also possible that it could inspire revivals in other countries too. And, could we see more games, such as video slots, produced when the channel begins to take off? If you love Wheel of Fortune, it’s certainly a great time to be alive; however, you prefer to consume the show.

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