The Best Gambling Movies That You Can’t Miss

If you’re a huge gambling fan, you must have watched a handful of gambling movies in the past. The good thing is that the internet is flooded with several movies of this genre. After all, gambling has been around for quite some time and continues to be a global rage. 

Gambling is a game of mind. And one needs strong strategies to face their opponent. One has to not give back with a pinch of salt but a bunch of salt. It’s a game of luck and critical thinking. So if you want to learn more about the craft in your free time, here are a few gambling movies that are worth watching:

  • The Hustler 1961

This classic gambling film hit the theaters on the 25th of September, 1961, and has been a rage ever since. Robert Rossen directed this film and managed to impress the audience. This movie tells the story of a fictional character who wants to learn this craft and become the best. 

He takes part in the street pool competition to achieve his primary goal. This goal was to beat the Minnesota Fats. This movie is an original adaptation of the book of the same name written by Walter Tevis. This masterpiece has received several accolades and awards over time. 

  • The Cincinnati Kid 1965

Herein, Steve Mcqueen essays the role of the “kid.” Whole Edward Robinson is a competing poker player in the film. If you had gotten an idea of their nicknames, you would have understood that the latter was a professional player. And the other one was just an amateur. This film is about a young poker player who wants to create a name for himself in this industry. 

The film performed well at the box office and garnered massive positive reviews. While the idea of mobile casino never existed at that time, the land casinos suddenly got a massive boost, as a lot of people displayed a huge interest in gambling. 

  • The Gambler 1974

Stemmed in New York City, this film explains the fate of an English professor and his addiction to gambling. And like any regular gambling addict, Axel Freed is the main character faced with hurdles. It even makes him arrive at a point where he can no longer pay off his debts. 

This isn’t just a movie about gambling but also a film that showcases the struggles that most gambling addicts have to face. While this is an excellent film, the story is very disturbing. 

  • The Color of Money 1986

This movie is a sequel to the Hustler, released in 1961. Eddie Felson meets a younger version of himself at the bar. Later, he stumbles with a promising pool player. Eddie decides to train him. And make pool hustler a game of pool halls. The rest of the story is for you to see. 

Once you check It out, it will be very exciting. So now is a very good time to see the story and make the most out of it. Once you see the film, you will understand how the fate of the different characters comes to play. 

  • House of Games 1987

This thrilling gambling movie was the debut of the legendary director David Mamet. This movie revolves around the story of a psychiatrist and a gambling fanatic. The two are interwoven as doctor and patient. Their stories will change as the plot moves on. 

You will be surprised that this movie received 5 nominations and won all of them. The reviews of the films are great, so you can rest assured about watching them. The movie has been written amazingly and has a unique storyline. 

  • Honeymoon in Vegas 1992

This is an American comedy film that revolves around the consequences of gambling. And the stake isn’t just money but a person’s marriage. Isn’t it exciting? We recommend that you see the film for yourself. This movie was nominated for the best picture category at the Golden Globes. 

It successfully garnered an impressive 6.1 rating on rotten tomatoes. So while you check out free spins no deposit online, you can also watch the film side by side to enjoy. 

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