Techton1k’s journey in F1 in Schools-Jay Shah St Olave’s Grammar School

F1 in schools is an event that happens all over the world the stages being regionals, nationals and then internationals. F1 in schools is all about building a team, designing and racing a car and documenting all of this into portfolios.

Techton1k, a team from St Olaves achieved fastest car in regionals and went on to compete in nationals. I interviewed a member of the team, Keshav Sheshadri, who designed the car and led the team.

When did you start F1 in Schools?

Keshav: Around may 2019.

What has the journey untill now given you?

Keshav: The journey has taught me very valuable skills, such as the ability to use online design technologies, which helped me academically as well. Also, F1 in schools has helped me develop many social skills, such as marketing. Overall, the things it has taught me are transferrable to real life, and will definitely have an impact on my future.

How did you feel winning fastest car in regionals?

Keshav: It was incredible. Especially knowing that that months of research, development, testing, modelling and manufacturing have paid off, is the best feeling.

How did you feel coming second in regionals?

Keshav: This was great as well. I think it was incredible to place on the podium in regionals, but this only made us more determined to improve our outputs for the nationals.

How much effort has gone into the car and into the team to become so successful?

Keshav: A lot of effort. Especially on the car, the design process is a long one, but if you know how to analyse the results of testing in wind simulations, or FEA, and develop correctly, it is quite a fun process at the same time. As for the team, all our documents, our presentations, marketing and sponsorship- it was a countless amount of effort, but we did it knowing that a good project would reap the rewards.

What does the road look like in the future?

Keshav: In terms of the future, we are now competing at a professional level against some very good and experienced teams. This is the ultimate challenge, so we look to hit the ground running, and learn from what other teams have done well, so hopefully we can put on a good show in regionals

What advice would you give to new comers to f1 in schools?

Keshav: Look at previous teams. F1 in schools is incredibly precise and painstaking, so the best way to learn is looking at tried and tested projects from the past, which will be the main guiding factor for how you do your project. Overall just have fun.

It sounds like Keshav has really enjoyed F1 in schools so far and is very dedicated to it. F1 in Schools looks to be like an exciting experience for many, helping to create new skills, build teamwork and countless other things.

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