Man charged in armed robbery spree at 12 King County banks and businesses

A man was charged with 12 counts of first-degree robbery in what prosecutors say was a two-month armed robbery spree at 12 banks and businesses in King County.

Yoonis Idris, 28, is accused of robbing Shell stations in Seattle and Burien, two smoke shops in Burien, and banks in Seattle, Des Moines, Federal Way and Bellevue last fall.

Charging documents say that during each of the 12 robberies, he was armed and threatened his victims. In some cases, he threatened to kill clerks and pointed a gun at his victims’ heads, and in one case placed a gun directly against a teller’s back.

On Oct. 29, 2021, prosecutors say Idris returned to a UniBank he had just robbed and demanded to be let back in after employees had locked the doors. Idris then fired his gun three times to get inside and retrieve a demand letter he had left behind, court documents say.

Evidence leading to his arrest included a distinct handgun with a black frame, extended barrel and a red slide that was used in some of the robberies, as well as a jacket and shoes worn in several robberies that were seen in surveillance photos.

Prosecutors said Idris posted a Snapchat selfie under the username “the.reaper3900″ in which he was wearing a black Jordan Jumpman track jacket that appeared to be the same one worn in a series of bank robberies. Police compared the Snapchat photo to Idris’ Department of Licensing photo to confirm that Idris was the same person.

Documents say geolocation data associated with the Snapchat account “the.reaper3900″ placed Idris at a UniBank in Federal Way and a Shell station in Seattle at the time of robberies there.

Police found Idris at a Motel 6 in SeaTac and searched his room. Police said they found clothing that was worn in some of the robberies, as well as a gun.

Police said Idris confessed to all 12 robberies and told investigators he had committed the crimes to support an addiction to Percocet and to help his grandmother pay rent.

Idris also said he had gotten rid of the distinct black-and-red handgun used in some of the robberies by throwing it off the Interstate 90 bridge.

The charges Idris is facing include unlawful possession of a firearm.

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