Windows 11 warning mentions possible ‘damage’ to unsupported PCs

Windows 11 is now out, and it’s only supported on PCs which meet the specified system requirements (naturally) – but it is still possible to install it on a machine that falls short, although you will be warned against doing so.

Now that the new OS is out, Microsoft has implemented a cautionary pop-up that tells users intending to install Windows 11 on a PC below the minimum spec exactly what they might be letting themselves in for. And that includes the confirmation of no updates for the operating system – including crucial security updates, the ones that fix freshly discovered vulnerabilities and exploits – which is obviously bad news in itself.

Check out the warning below:

Windows 11 installation warning pop-up

(Image credit: Microsoft)

As you can see, as well as missing out on vital updates, the pop-up makes it clear that putting Windows 11 on an unsupported PC may result in compatibility issues, and due to those, possible ‘damage’ that may be caused to your system which won’t be covered by any manufacturer warranty.

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