AMD in 2021 – the year in review

2021 wasn’t the most exciting year for AMD. The company didn’t have a ton in the way of new products, and even the introduction of new products wasn’t enough to curb the supply shortages and scalper woes that had already made 2020 such a dismal year in this market. 

There were still some notable moves, though, so let’s dig in and recount what AMD had in store for us this year and get some context for what’s ahead.

AMD lined up its latest products at CES 2021

We had a pretty good idea that AMD was going to show off mobile processors and extra Navi cards at CES 2021, and that’s exactly what the chipmaker did. AMD lined up its Ryzen 5000 mobile processors that would bring the heat against Intel’s dominance in the mobile market. These core-packed and highly efficient processors didn’t take long to hit the market in laptops either, turning up in late January. AMD also gave a glimpse of what was ahead with its Big Navi graphics cards.

AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 Series Mobile Processors

(Image credit: AMD)

More Big Navi cards and APUs

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