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‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Tom Hanks Endorsing The US Administration Video

Doh! In a classic case of life imitating art, the recent White House video narrated by Tom Hanks promoting the achievements of the Biden administration has a parallel: a scene from the 2007 comedy adventure film The Simpsons Movie.

In the 2007 version, a cartoon Hanks is shown saying, “Hello, I’m Tom Hanks. The US government has lost its credibility so it’s borrowing some of mine.”

Sen. Ted Cruz was among the partisan crowd who couldn’t let it pass.

“The Simpsons did it first!” Cruz chortled in a tweet.

Commentator Matt Whitlock said, “Oh my gosh it’s the Simpsons in real life.”

The recent White House version was designed to reflect on Biden’s first year in office and bring to light his triumphs at a time when many are spotlighting his struggles.

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