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Wordle 369: June 23, 2022 Hints & Answer

June 23rd’s Wordle Answer was somewhat difficult to guess as there aren’t many possible answers. These hints might help in guessing the word.

June 23rd’s Wordle answer is particularly easy to guess, even though it is somewhat obscure. Wordle has included many obscure words recently, and sometimes it can get harder for players to guess these answers without help. While some players might be able to guess the answer in less than six tries, some may require to be nudged in the right direction with clues so that they can maintain their daily streak. Hints can provide more context for Wordle players and help them guess the answer without technically cheating. 

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Guessing obscure Wordle answers can be made easier if players use Wordle’s harder mode. This mode particularly comes in handy when players have fewer attempts left and don’t want to sacrifice their streak. The harder mode’s rules are relatively simple as it does not allow players to use previously discovered letters in the right spot at different positions. This can help in guessing today’s Wordle answer faster as well. Having said that, players looking for clues can use the below hints that might give them a better idea of today’s Wordle solution.


Today’s Wordle Hints (June 23rd #369)

Wordle Name Origin Story Reason

The below hints are somewhat similar to clues players have previously seen in crossword puzzles. These hints don’t spoil the answer for players but give them enough context to make the solution apparent. Here are some hints that might help players guess June 23rd’s Wordle answer and help maintain their daily streak:

  • Hint 1: the edge of a steep place
  • Hint 2: the region marking a boundary
  • Hint 3: on the verge of 

Once players are done guessing today’s Wordle answer, they can share their progress on social media without giving away the answer. Players can share their progress by clicking on the “Share” button, which will copy a set of color-coded emojis and the number of attempts to the clipboard. Players can then paste these emojis into a post on Twitter or Facebook, letting other Wordle players know how close they were to guessing today’s answer. 

Today’s Wordle Answer (June 23rd #369)

The June 23rd Wordle answer is BRINK.

When trying to guess today’s Wordle answer, we first used the word ‘ROAST,’ which revealed the incorrect position of one letter from the answer being used in today’s Wordle solution. Next, we used the word ‘BROKE,’ which revealed the incorrect position of one more letter from today’s Wordle answer and the correct position of two letters. Then, we used ‘BREAK,’ which showed the correct spot for one more letter for today’s Wordle answer. Then we used the word ‘BRING,’ which revealed the correct position of four letters from today’s Wordle answer. Finally, knowing the correct position of every letter from today’s solution, we easily guessed the word BRINK for today’s Wordle answer.

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