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Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Are So Focused On Tammy Slaton’s Body Parts

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters knows how to keep people talking. Her attitude, behavior, and personality have certainly drawn the attention of fans. Ever since her initial introduction on the show, viewers have been taking note of the way that Tammy’s body looks. Fans have not shied away from discussing her physical appearance in a critical manner.

Vanity doesn’t seem to be a top priority for the 35-year-old. She previously revealed that she lived with mental health issues, and that she wanted to enhance her emotional well-being before focusing on her weight loss efforts. Her doctor and family encouraged her to seek help from a therapist so she could get a handle on her emotions. Her feelings are likely the driving force behind her food addiction.


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Her weight has undoubtedly played a role in how she is perceived and why she is struggling with health-related issues. Her weight has also affected her appearance. Some of the changes she has experienced have been inevitable, while others are the result of Tammy not taking the initiative by properly investing in herself. Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the things that Redditors have said about Tammy’s body.

Tammy’s Forehead

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

It is no surprise that fans have been focused on Tammy’s protruding forehead. Many wondered if something was wrong, citing that it could be an undiagnosed medical issue. Others were curious if her forehead always protruded or if it happened after she started to continuously gain more weight. Amy addressed the question on everyone’s mind by jokingly stating that she had so much fat on her body that it was starting to come out on her forehead.

While some fans were concerned about Tammy’s forehead, that didn’t stop them from sharing their personal thoughts on the matter. Reddit user avasmomma0503 said, “I can’t figure that thing out in the least. It’s more prominent some days than others – certain angles can be worse than others – but I truly never have seen anything even remotely similar.” Another user pointed out that her doctor had diagnosed it as a fat pocket that was storing her excess fat. Prior to Tammy’s diagnosis, there seem to have been few other cases like hers.

Tammy’s Teeth

Image of Tammy Slaton with missing teeth visible in 1000-Lb Sisters

Another part of Tammy’s body that fans can’t stop discussing is her teeth. Many have wondered what happened to her front teeth and why they are missing. She explained that she lost her front teeth when she was very young. Early on in the show, she made a trip to the dentist to look into getting her teeth fixed. Since the initial consultation, Tammy hasn’t made progress toward improving her smile.

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What shocked viewers most though, was what she revealed to the dentist at her appointment. When the dentist asked Tammy about her dental hygiene regimen, she admitted that she tries to brush her teeth at least twice a week. This left fans buzzing with shock and disgust over her lack of dental care. No_Compote_6096 commented in a thread dedicated to the topic, saying, “Her mouth must be full of bacterial ruin, plus any decay and or placque, she needs to brush only the ones she wants to keep.” Another fan in the same thread pointed out that most people exaggerate when seeing the dentist, and that most likely, she doesn’t even brush her teeth twice a week.

Tammy’s Hairline

Tammy Slaton holding a phone in 1000-lb Sisters

It’s clear that Tammy’s appearance has continued to change throughout the seasons. Fans were quick to notice when her hair started to look thinner, remarking that her hairline was starting to recede. Many went so far as to compare pictures to see the dramatic progression. Fans believe that her health issues and poor hygiene are to blame for her hair.

Many worry that she is going to lose her hair altogether if she doesn’t change her habits soon. However, this hasn’t stopped them from critiquing her locks, and her perceived lack of interest in trying to better herself. Reddit user Unlucky_Ad_1361 pointed out the observation in a thread, writing, “I wonder when Tammy began to lose her hair? She’s got a bald spot now. Dont know if I noticed it before or would that have begun to happen due to the oxygen issues?” 

Being a reality television star always bring adoration, as well as criticism, and Tammy is no stranger to the latter. She shared previously that she grew up being bullied for her weight and her physical appearance. As an adult, her presence on social media has made her the target of many jokes.

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This undoubtedly has had a negative impact on her self-esteem throughout her entire life. She may not see the point in committing to bettering herself, even when it comes to basic hygiene tasks, if she is not feeling confident. The reality star has shared on numerous occasions that she wants to find love and feel taken care of. Tammy has had her share of dramatic relationships but she has yet to find what she is looking for.

Tammy previously discussed her difficult childhood, and it is possible that she wasn’t taught necessary life skills like most people are. She didn’t go into a lot of detail about her upbringing, but she did admit that she has a complicated relationship with her mother. She and her younger sister Amy Halterman said that they both rarely felt supported and encouraged as children, and even as adults. Their mother’s dismissive attitude was on display when they first shared their goal of leading healthier lifestyles and losing weight.

Even though Tammy has faced many challenges and obstacles in life, fans are still rooting for her to turn her life around. A lot of their criticism and judgment stems from frustration, and from not understanding why she refuses to get serious about losing weight and improving her health. It could be argued that Tammy has been offered help by doctors and her family multiple times, but nothing will change until she decides that it is going to. She is the only person that can help herself. no matter how badly everyone around her wants it to happen. Hopefully, when 1000-lb Sisters returns, fans will see Tammy headed in the right direction.

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