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Which Grass-Type Pokémon Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Pokémon fans have been in for a treat this past year. Trainers have gotten to celebrate Pokémon GO‘s 5-year anniversary, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released as well as Pokémon Snap, and now Pokémon Legends: Arceus is right around the corner.

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With all of these new games to play, Trainers are interacting with a ton of new and OG Pokémon. Grass-type, specifically, is a common type for the three starter Pokémon players encounter in-game. With such bright personalities, it can be a fun added twist to see which Grass-type exudes a fans’ same energy–and the astrological chart is a perfect way to match up pairs.


Aries: Sunflora

A Sunflora Pokémon smiling

Sunflora are a shining light to all those around them, much like Aries. The most Aries thing about a Sunflora, however, is the sheer amount of energy that they store up and burn off during the day. Sunfloras are known for running around hectically during daylight hours before resting at night.

Sunflora and Aries also share unbridled optimism and hope about everything in life. It’s almost impossible to bring a Sunflora down, and they love to get excited, even about small things.

Taurus: Lilligant

A Lilligant Pokémon with its flower crown

If there’s one zodiac sign that needs everything to be “just so” and is very picky and particular about their daily routine, it’s Taurus. Lilligant, a beautiful flower Pokémon, is known for being especially hard for Trainers to bloom because of their delicate flowering.

Because both Taurus and Lilligant love to be comfy and cozy, it makes sense that pristine soil conditions are an absolute must before Lilligant’s beautiful petals–which have Taurus luxury written all over them–splay out. Their fancy flower crown is what makes Lilligant perfect for the Disney universe.

Gemini: Deerling & Sawsbuck

All Sawsbuck and Deerling forms

If Gemini could give themselves a different color or foliage for every season throughout the year, they would. This is exactly what the different forms of Deerling and Sawsbuck have, making them one of the cutest Grass-type Pokémon.

With Gemini’s flexibility, they truly appreciate Deerling being able to change their appearance depending on the time of year. As an added Gemini-like adaptability, Deerling and Sawsbuck can live almost anywhere. They’re also social, like Geminis, with their own kind. However, they don’t particularly like to be around humans.

Cancer: Chikorita

Chikorita Pokemon

Chikorita was famously affectionate toward Ash in the anime, and it would have done absolutely anything to make Ash happy. That’s something that Chikorita and Cancers have in common. When they consider someone their family, there’s nothing that will stop them from protecting that person.

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Chikorita is also very in touch with its emotions, like a Cancer. Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves, and Chikorita definitely lets Ash know how it’s feeling without hesitation. With intuitive communication skills, the two make an amazing team in battle.

Leo: Pansage

Pansage smiling on Pokémon

Off on a true Leo adventure, Pansage lives deep within the forest. Like Leos, Pansage are incredibly sociable and make friends quickly. Additionally, they have the trademark Leo generosity–when they see weary Pokémon out in the wild, they share the leaf from their head that has healing powers.

In fact, Pansage have such strong Leo determination and big-heartedness, that they go out and expertly search for berries so that they can bring them back to give out to other Pokémon who are hungry. They are truly giving and affectionate by nature.

Virgo: Bulbasaur

Pokemon Go Bulbasaur Spotlight Hour.webp

Virgos are going to instinctively care for their friends in a parental way. They’re very responsible, reliable, and trustworthy–making them the perfect “mom,” “dad,” or parent-adjacent friend of the group. Bulbasaur is the same way when Ash first meets it on the show.

When Bulbasaur and Ash meet, Bulbasaur is looking after an entire group of Pokémon and making sure that they’re protected from outsiders and other dangers. It’s also a very hard worker when it comes to battle, which is another trait that it shares with Virgo.

Libra: Exeggutor

Exeggutor smiles with its three heads in the Pokemon anime.

Libras are all about fairness, so they like to really think about multiple points of view and opinions. This perfectly aligns with Exeggutor because each of its three heads thinks independently and has its own thoughts. This is also why an Exeggutor might suffer from Libra-like indecisiveness–it’s got three different minds to make up!

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Like Libras, Exeggutors are very friendly and sociable. They’re also very diplomatic, so their different heads seldom argue with each other. Libras, likewise, are the peacekeepers in their social circles and love for everyone to get along.

Scorpio: Decidueye

Decidueye getting ready to battle on Pokémon

If a Scorpio had to be a Grass-type Pokémon, they would most likely want to be a Ghost-type as well because of their love of darker things. That’s why Decidueye would be a great dual-type Grass Pokémon for them to try out. The Grass/Ghost owl Pokémon is a great fit for Scorpios.

Decidueye is a bit secretive in nature, like many Scorpios, and even has a hood to hide its face. It’s also able to move around without being detected–a stealth skill that it shares with Scorpios. Also like scorpions, it can be a bit hesitant to trust new people. But, when it does, it can be fiercely loyal and a great battle ally.

Sagittarius: Bellossom

Bellossom dancing

Bellossom is a sunny and whimsical Pokémon with energy that falls right in line with Sagittarians. Sags fly wherever their fancy takes them, and Bellossom does as well. Bellossom’s infectious appeal attracts a lot of suitors, but they reject whoever they want whenever they want because they’re a free spirit, just like Sagittarians.

Similar to the archer, Bellossoms are completely carefree–and they show off this attitude with their love of spontaneous dancing! But, they have Sag-like intelligence that helps them to be great Pokémon partners, performers, and battle mates!

Capricorn: Tsareena

Tsareena as a powerful All Rounder and Supporter

Like Capricorn, Tsareena has a strong fighting spirit and is a fierce competitor, which is what makes it one of the strongest-ranked Grass-type Pokémon. Capricorns constantly want to be the best of the best with whatever they do, so they resonate strongly with Tsareena’s need to be victorious.

In fact, when a Tsareena wins a battle, it will dance, kick, and celebrate right over its opponent–which definitely channels Capricorn’s confidence and ambitious nature. The two would be great company in the winner’s circle.

Aquarius: Calyrex

Calyrex from Pokémon and an icy tundra

Aquarians are big-time believers in fighting for those that can’t defend themselves, and they act almost like superheroes. Because of this, Calyrex is a great match for Aquarius. Even those that opposed Calyrex were shown mercy and healed.

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This sort of compassionate and altruistic behavior is exactly like an Aquarian’s. Calyrex also shows off Aquarian originality and has multiple different appearances that it can take on, dependent on the Reins of Unity.

Pisces: Sewaddle

Pokemon Go Sewaddle.png

Sewaddle, which sounds very close to “swaddle,” is perfect for the baby of the astrological chart. Pisces are the sensitive and doe-eyed zodiac babies of the group, but even though they’re the youngest, they bring a lot to the table.

Pisceans are very creative people, so they would love the fact that Sewaddle designs and makes its own clothes from birth. Because of this, they’re often used to help with fashion in the Pokémon world. This would be great for a Pisces, because they love to help others and wouldn’t bat an eye at sewing outfits for other Trainers and Pokémon.

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