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The Batman Image Shows Detailed Look At Paul Dano’s Scary Riddler Costume

A close-up image of actor Paul Dano in The Batman gives fans the best look yet at the movie’s terrifying take on the iconic villain, the Riddler.

A new image of Paul Dano in The Batman offers a detailed look at the iconic villain in all his terrifying glory. Dano’s career has taken the actor through an eclectic variety of roles, from playing a Beach Boy in Love & Mercy to a lead role as an all-purpose dead body in the delightfully weird Swiss Army ManDespite Dano’s illustrious back catalogThe Batman will mark the star’s debut into the DC universe in what is perhaps his most notable role yet, starring opposite Robert Pattinson in the latter’s first outing as Bruce Wayne. Joining Pattinson and Dano in The Batman is a staggering amount of huge names, including Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot.


The Batman will see Bruce Wayne in a much moodier version of Gotham compared to more recent big-screen outings for the caped crusader. Channeling the likes of classic Batman stories, Year One and The Long Halloween, the upcoming movie shows a young Bruce as he begins his war against the never-ending crime wave in Gotham. While Bruce finds his feet fighting murky underworld grunts, he will also have to face his first supervillain, in the shape of Dano’s Riddler. While reception to the announcement of Pattinson as Batman was lukewarm, trailers have proved naysayers wrong, as The Batman‘s take on the superhero’s origin story looks to nail the dark atmosphere that director Matt Reeves is going for in his first foray into the DC universe.

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And now, a new image from Warner Bros. shows Dano’s Riddler isn’t messing around as he targets Gotham’s elite. The villain looks terrifying, garbed in a mask and gloves, glasses perched atop his face covering. A heavy-duty coat in the character’s signature green is emblazoned with the iconic Riddler question mark, completing his monstrous transformation. Check out the full image below:

Paul Dano as Riddler full image

The Riddler isn’t the first Batman bad guy to spring to mind when considering a suitable villain for this scary superhero story, but Dano’s serial killing Riddler looks to be the perfect choice to make The Batman as spooky as it’s setting out to be. The character is almost always displayed on-screen as a less serious Batman villain, but these previous takes on the Riddler have never done the character justice. Dano’s take looks to nail the more menacing side of the Riddler’s personality, offering an incredibly authentic middle ground between recognizable features, such as the familiar green and the iconic question mark, and the fresh take on the franchise moodier roots.

As The Batman‘s release creeps ever closer, recent teases and toy reveals are proving just how comic-accurate the film is looking to be. While Ben Affleck has confirmed that his appearance in the upcoming The Flash movie will be his last, Pattinson’s journey in the cowl is just beginning. With the likes of Dano pulling out all the stops, committing fully to his terrifying take on a classic villain, The Batman looks to be an incredible start to a new era in DC movies.

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