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Suicide Squad Calls Out Peacemaker as DC’s Least Respected Hero

Peacemaker is a popular DC hero who has made a name for himself while working with the Suicide Squad, but popularity doesn’t always equal respect.

Warning: Spoilers for Suicide Squad #15 and Suicide Squad: Blaze #2!

The character of Peacemaker has become wildly popular ever since joining up with the ragtag group known as the Suicide Squad, but for as well-liked as he is, he’s also the most disrespected hero in the DC Comics roster at the moment.

Called out in Suicide Squad #15, by Dennis Hopeless, Jesus Merino, Eduardo Pansica, and Julio Ferreira, and DC Black Label’s Suicide Squad: Blaze #2, by Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, these stories place Peacemaker in two distinct situations that are only possible while on-mission with the notorious Task Force X. Acting as separate continuities, these issues still depict Peacemaker as a man who fights for justice and freedom, but one that shares a disrespected role on both teams as well.


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Deciding to kidnap Lex Luthor in an attempt to help the newly abandoned Suicide Squad rebound, Suicide Squad #15 shows Luthor beating the odds and rebelling against his captors while hurling degrading insults at them in the process. Meanwhile, in Suicide Squad: Blaze #2, the Squad is forced to grab a physical sample of a new villain who is consuming supers with prejudice, with this version of Peacemaker being the guy who completes this task, just in a totally humiliating way.

Peacemaker getting clock dby Lex Luthor in a mech

Knocking away each Squad member as they come after him in the action-packed issue of Suicide Squad #15, Lex eventually sets his sights on Peacemaker. Saying, “Everything about this chrome one is so ridiculous, it’s unworthy of commentary,” Lex Luthor disrespects Peacemaker with a burn that he’ll be tending to for days, even slapping Peacemaker upside the head to emphasize his diss. Not to be outdone, Suicide Squad: Blaze #2 has Peacemaker bite the big one before the issue’s end, with Peacemaker’s last words of “I have seized the enemy pube” — a comment relating to the mission of procuring a sample of their mark — also painting him in a less than respectful light.

Poking fun at Peacemaker for his choice of helmets, his utter lack of ethics when it comes to making peace, or even his naivety when letting his guard down after plucking a piece of body hair from a villain are all valid criticisms for a guy that’s only just recently become a big factor in DC Comics’ lore. Throw in the fact that Peacemaker’s comic book identity has ever so slightly been affected by the far less respected and more jokey version John Cena plays him as over on HBO Max’s Peacemaker series, and it’s clear Peacemaker has become a character that DC is really invested in fans not respecting.

So while Peacemaker isn’t exactly a pushover, he’s not well off enough as a hero to act as anything more than the butt of some gross gags or the subject of a pointed joke or two. Peacemaker might be one of the most loyal members of the Suicide Squad, but that doesn’t equate him to being a well-regarded one.

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