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South Park Post Covid 1 & 2: 10 Main Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for South Park: Post Covid 1 & 2.

Not a lot of people can transform the future the way the main characters do on South Park: Post Covid 1 & 2. It takes an incredible amount of courage for the adult versions of Stan, Kyle, and Cartman to overcome what they’re used to and actually do the right thing for once.

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The bravest among the duology’s characters are willing to risk their lives or even sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They understand that they can do something about the pandemic and decide to act instead of accepting the never-ending variants in the dystopian future. The movies may be hilarious satire, but their characters have proven that they can be genuinely fearless.

10 Amazon Alexa

Alexa, Randy, and Stan in a car in South Park Post Covid.

Alexa’s funniest lines in Post Covid are often insults or manipulative requests directed towards Stan. She probably can’t help that she’s programmed that way, but she never shows that she’s especially courageous in the films.

Some fans may point out that she overpowers Vic along with another Alexa, but it’s worth noting that for AI who knows it’s capable of doing that, it doesn’t really count as a brave act. If she had fiercely defended Stan or sacrificed herself to aid his mission, then she would have proven that she’s more than just another generic robot.

9 Butters Stotch (Victor Chaos)

Butters as Victor Chaos pointing to a chart in front of a group of people in South Park: Post Covid 2.

Vic’s entire existence is rooted in the fact that Butters is too terrified to face the world as himself. His devastating experience of being grounded for 16 years has pushed him deep into a persona that he uses as a shield against reality.

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Although Vic may seem confident on the surface, right underneath that is a pitiful kid who sees himself as a “twerpy little loser kid.” The way Butters doesn’t hesitate to take down Wendy’s group for Cartman may be considered bold by some, but it’s just another act he puts on as the charming Vic.


8 Wendy Testaburger

Wendy and Clyde doing drugs in a lab in South Park Post Covid.

Wendy is a likable character who predictably does everything right as she’s growing up. Her adult version is shown to have a good family, a thriving career, and a moral compass that’s not as messed up as everyone else’s.

While there aren’t a lot of moments that highlight her bravery, it’s not too farfetched to say that she would probably risk her life for the future if she ever had to. She does effortlessly lead a research team in a lab that had multiple casualties after Kenny’s experiment went wrong, and that alone should speak volumes about her courage.

7 Clyde Donovan

Clyde Donovan standing next to lockers in South Park Post Covid.

Clyde has become one of the worst recurring characters in South Park, mostly due to his annoying and irrational reasoning behind not wanting to get vaccinated. His senseless and cowardly stance about the vaccine inconveniences his friends, but it’s Cartman’s manipulation of him that really makes him the most obnoxious person.

It can’t be denied that Clyde had to be courageous to step into the time machine and risk his life to go back and kill Kyle. However, it can be argued that this action was motivated mostly by his ego and not his bravery. Plus, Clyde’s spineless belief that the vaccine is scary totally counteracts any fearless thing he does.

6 Token Black

Token raising his arms in a restaurant in South Park Post Covid.

Token’s character may have initially been promising when fans meet him in the Denny’s Applebee’s Max, but he unsurprisingly fades into the background for most of the duology. He’s a mostly forgettable detective who does little to nothing to progress the plot.

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That said, there is one memorable scene that also happens to highlight Token’s daring side. When he rescues Randy from the Shady Acres nurses, he busts out some impressive moves and fearlessly takes them down. It would have been great to see more of Token’s heroic fighting skills, but he, unfortunately, doesn’t get another chance to show them off.

5 Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh talking on the phone in a room in South Park Post Covid.

It may have taken a long time for Stan to come to terms with his dark past and finally accept and forgive himself, but what matters is that he eventually does. Stan’s courage revolves more around his personal problems and fears, and for a while, it seemed as if he would never work through them.

Stan may start out as a cynical “online whiskey consultant” who wants nothing to do with his old friends or South Park, but, with Kyle’s help, he musters up the strength to overcome his self-loathing and face his past.

4 Kyle Broflovski

Kyle talking on the phone in his office in South Park Post Covid.

Without Kyle’s encouragement, the gang would have never gotten together to solve Kenny’s murder. He’s the kid who never left town and grew up to be a semi-decent counselor.

Compared to Stan (who he spends most of his time with in the movies), Kyle is almost always willing to jump headfirst into dangerous situations if it means he’ll be closer to his goal. The only thing that bothers him in the movies is Cartman, and that’s mostly because he doubts that he has changed and not because he fears him.

3 Randy Marsh

Adult Stan and Randy Marsh in a retirement home room in South Park Post Covid.

Randy is a bitter old man full of regrets in the duology. At first, he’s obviously scared of facing his past, until it becomes clear that it’s only because he knows it’s impossible to change that night with the pangolin.

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Through his overprotectiveness of the last Tegridy and his daring escape from the care home, fans get an idea of just how fearless Randy can be. He knows that he can do something about the state of the future, and while it doesn’t end up exactly how he imagines it to be, he still manages to help the gang fix things.

2 Kenny McCormick

Kenny sitting on stage in South Park Post Covid.

Kenny isn’t just one of the smartest characters in the films, but he’s also among the bravest. The philanthropist and scientist dedicated years of his life to creating a time machine that could have failed, and it did.

Nevertheless, Kenny is daring enough to trust his friends to figure out what his crucial discovery is that can change the future. Without his courageous actions, no one would have thought to deviate from the status quo. The only downside is that he isn’t really there for most of the duology, which is exactly what fans would expect from Kenny.

1 Eric Cartman

Cartman as an adult in South Park Post Covid

Whether fans like it or not, Cartman is undoubtedly the bravest character in the Post Covid movies. His courage is misdirected at first, as he attempts to stop Kyle and Stan through the Foundation Against Time Travel.

The moment that underscores his fearlessness happens towards the end during an unforgettable scene between him, Kyle, and his family. He refuses to turn into the hurtful person he once was and risks losing his wife and kids so that Kyle and Stan could go and fix the future. It’s a huge sacrifice that perfectly captures the kind of person Cartman could be, even though fans see in the end what kind of character he actually becomes.

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