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Sims Are Struggling To Eat After Latest Sims 4 Update, Players Say

After the most recent Sims 4 update, players have reported encountering issues wherein their Sims can no longer eat foods such as salad.

According to some Sims 4 players, the game’s most recent update triggered a glitch that won’t allow Sims characters to eat food like salad. Strangely, this does not mark the first time users have stumbled across a salad-related error in The Sims 4. In December 2021, a weird graphical bug turned a Sim character’s pet cat into a garden salad. Some hiccups have managed to create even worse horror stories, though. One recent glitch, spawned from yet another patch, saw a Sim transform into something out of Poppy Playtime nightmare fuel.

The Sims 4’s latest patch went live in late April, marked as 1.87 on PC and 1.58 on consoles. It, notably, introduced a whole host of bug fixes, including those related to Scenarios, graphical fingernail glitches, and D-Pad functionality on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The new update also tidied the Games Options menu by ridding The Sims 4 of its Fill In Empty Lots option, which developers replaced with the “Move In” functionality and Neighborhood Stories. Sims 4’s event planning actions have similarly received a few much-needed improvements. But while the newest set of changes fixed several known issues, user reports suggest some things were broken, too.


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Following Electronic Arts‘ recent release of the 1.87 (PC) and 1.58 (console) updates, Sims 4 players began reporting game errors regarding their Sims’ eating habits. Specialist_Bit_703 addressed the issue in a thread on The Sims‘ official subreddit, noting that trying to get their characters to cook anything salad-related results in them complaining about lacking the necessary space before preparing another dish. Apparently, this includes foods such as fruit, Caprese, and Caesar salads. Several other players chimed in saying that they, too, have encountered the “salad bug.” Meanwhile, some said they’ve yet to run into such an issue. The original Reddit post reads as follows:

Based on responses to the Reddit post from Specialist_Bit_703, The Sims 4’s latest glitch seems like a fairly common error. Hopefully, developers move to correct it sometime soon since the lack of healthy eating options could prove detrimental to some Sims builds. The original post and replies indicate there exist countless other in-game hiccups that could use some fine-tuning, as well.

Game issues aside, Sims 4 players have plenty to look forward to in the weeks ahead. Earlier this month, developers announced fresh content plans for May and June that include a brand-new Game Pack, entitled “Go Wild,” and two Kits – “Cozy Nights In” and “Chic Nights Out.” Players continue to await further details for the time being.

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The Sims 4 is playable on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

Source: Specialist_Bit_703/Reddit, Electronic Arts

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