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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Perform a Takedown

Takedowns are a stealthy means to kill more Archaeans instantly during Rainbow Six Extraction missions and can earn players more XP than regular kills.

There are various ways that players can defeat enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction, and performing Takedowns is one of the more silent options available to players. A Takedown is a type of stealth kill in Rainbow Six Extraction, much like the one-shot type of kill. However, certain conditions have to be met to perform a Takedown, but the reward is well worth it if players can successfully pull it off in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Whenever a player performs a Takedown, they’ll earn bonus XP for that kill in Rainbow Six Extraction. Successful Takedowns are an easy way to gain more XP quickly, allowing players to level up sooner and unlock more gear and operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. The bonus XP earned from Takedowns is also a great way to unlock harder difficulties in Rainbow Six Extraction, as some of the options are locked behind level progression as well.


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Unlike the stealth kills that require silencers in Rainbow Six Extraction, Takedowns do not force players to use any ammunition or ranged weapon. Although silencers for weapons are included in the default loadouts for all firearms, Takedowns provide a means to get quick kills without needing to worry about using a silencer. Takedowns can instantly kill enemies no matter their health or how strong they are overall. As a result, more types of Archaeans enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction can be defeated instantly with Takedowns than any other method.

How To Perform Takedowns Easily In Rainbow Six Extraction

There is a variety of different alien enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction

To perform a Takedown on an enemy in Rainbow Six Extraction, the enemies will first have to be unaware of the players’ presence. This can be done while the enemy’s back is either turned towards a player or if an enemy isn’t paying attention to the world around them. Once a player gets close enough to an Archaean, they need to press the melee button in order to successfully use the Takedown in Rainbow Six Extraction. If the enemy begins to notice the player attempting the Takedown, it’ll have to be performed quickly within a small time frame to kill the Archaean successfully.

If a Takedown opportunity is missed or fails, the immediate concern is an operator being downed by the Archæan, resulting in an MIA situation in Rainbow Six Extraction. Players run the risk of the Archæan not only attacking them up close but alerting other Archæans as well. Takedowns are all about quick high-risk, and high-reward decisions that can be a useful mechanic when done correctly in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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