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Pokémon: Why You Don’t Want Multiple Pikachu On Your Team

1999’s Handbook reveals that Pikachu can become one of the Pokémon series’ most dangerous monsters when there are more than one on the same team.

Pikachu may be the Pokémon series’ mascot, but players should remain wary about having too many of them on their team. The pocket monster and its evolution Raichu are some of the fastest Pokémon in the games, a trait that is in line with the agility expected of their electric Pokémon type. However, it is Pikachu’s electric powers that make having more than one a bad idea.

Though Pikachu is tiny, its body contains as much power as a Birthday Pikachu Pokémon trading card (in other words, a lot). Pokémon Sun’s Pokédex entry of Pikachu even stated that, “a plan was recently announced to gather many Pikachu and make an electric power plant” because of how much energy is coursing through the little mouse’s body. Pikachu is capable of harboring so much energy because its signature red cheeks are actually sacs where they can store electricity.


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However, as Pokémon Moon’s Pokédex entry states, Pikachu “feels stressed now and then if it’s unable to fully discharge the electricity”. This means Pikachu will inevitably have to release the energy within its cheeks lest it becomes uncontrollable with frustration. Even though Pikachu may be the perfect Pokémon, the consequences of having several angry electric mice on one team discharging energy could be catastrophic.

Pokémon’s Pikachu Can Cause Natural Disasters

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Light Ball Pikachu

A Pikachu filled with electricity is perhaps more dangerous than one that chooses to release its energy. The forests where Pikachu dwell are recognizable because the electricity in Pikachu’s body can attract harsh thunderstorms that strike the trees with lightning. As far back as 1999, Pokémon has taken note of the dangers a hoard of Pikachu can cause. In the Official Pokémon Handbook, it is stated that when too many Pikachu are in the same area, the sheer amount of electricity stored in their bodies causes thunderstorms and power outages in nearby cities. Having multiple Pikachu on a team could thus make Pokémon trainers walking power surges, terrorizing the towns they visit with storms and blackouts.

Players could ensure their Pikachu have discharged their electricity to avoid these hazards, but this release of energy could result in equally terrible outcomes. In the first episode of Pokémon: Indigo League, Ash’s untrained and unevolved Pikachu was capable of summoning a lightning attack to fight off a flock of Spearows alone. With multiple trained Pikachu on a team, it’s possible they could cause untold damage. Even if players have trained their Pikachu well, the Pokémon’s innocent yet destructive urges will come out. Pokémon Omega Ruby’s Pokédex entry on Pikachu notes that the pocket monster has the natural instinct to electrocute every new thing it comes across.

Disaster seems inevitable with multiple Pikachu on the same team. Whether they are charged are not, having several electric mice is probably too much for any trainer to handle. If players insist on having more than one, though, the best thing they can do is to use one of Pokémon’s Pikachu knockoffs instead.

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