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Pokémon: The 10 Most Powerful Poison Moves, Ranked

Pokémon‘s Poison-type has been in a complicated position since Generation I. Though its type effectiveness has changed slightly over the years, it still maintains its less than ideal offensive capabilities. However, Poison is super-effective against Fairy, making it one of only two types that can counter one of the best types in the franchise.

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Although the Poison-type has its downsides offensively, it can still excel because of some of the fantastic moves it boasts. Several have the potential to knock enemies out swiftly, and others can give the target the poisoned condition, allowing the user to gain an advantage in battle.

10 Clear Smog

Amoonguss Pokemon

Being able to bypass the accuracy check essentially gives Clear Smog a guarantee to connect with the target, except for in situations like semi-invulnerable turns, type immunity, etc.

Its base power of 50 is underwhelming compared to some of the stronger moves of this type, but it has its place in certain move-sets partly because of its additional effect. Clear Smog eliminates the stat changes the target has undergone, nullifying the benefits an enemy might have gained from setting up during previous turns.

9 Sludge

Team Plasma's Muk, from the Pokemon Black & Whilte

Sludge has always been a consistent part of several pure Poison-type Pokémon’s move-sets, at least at early levels. The attack has a 30% chance to poison the opponent it hits, so it can quickly turn the matchup in the user’s favor.

It also consistently makes contact with its base accuracy of 100%, and with a base power of 65, it does a decent chunk of damage. It may be outclassed by some of the stronger Poison-type attacks, but Sludge can help a Pokémon to dominate in early-game portions.


8 Venoshock

Vileplume uses Venoshock in a Pokemon game

While many Poison-type attacks can give targets the poisoned condition, Venoshock acts a bit differently. It has a base power of 65 and a base accuracy of 100%, making it a decent but not fantastic attack under standard conditions.

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However, if the target is already poisoned, Venoshock doubles in power, giving it the strength to knock many opponents out with relative ease. Venoshock cannot poison opponents on its own though, so trainers will have to use a different tactic to give enemies this condition before Venoshock can capitalize.

7 Poison Jab

Croagunk uses Poison Jab in the Pokemon anime

As is the case with many other attacks of its type, Poison Jab has the potential to poison the enemy. The chance of this effect activating is 30%, so there is a definite possibility of it occurring with each strike.

Along with this potential effect, Poison Jab can do a more than decent amount of damage with its base power of 80, and its base accuracy of 100% makes it incredibly reliable. This attack is one that Physical specialists can utilize to devastating effect.

6 Cross Poison

Crobat, official art from Pokemon Gold & Silver

Cross Poison has a base power of 70 and a base accuracy of 100%. The attack can gain a significant boost, however, thanks to its increased critical hit chance.

Cross Poison also has a 10% possibility to give the target the poisoned condition, allowing it to be even more viable. The attack is available for a variety of Pokémon, and one of the Pokémon that often uses it is Crobat, one of the best evolutions added in a later generation than that of its pre-evolutions.

5 Sludge Bomb

Koffing uses Sludge Bomb in the Pokemon anime

Sludge Bomb became a part of the Pokémon franchise in Generation II, and it has been one of the most recognizable Poison-type moves ever since because of the number of Pocket Monsters that can learn it. Additionally, it is so commonly used because of its viability.

Sludge Bomb has a base accuracy of 100% and a base power of 90. It also has a 30% chance to poison its target, helping to make it a powerful option that trainers can utilize until the end of the main series game stories.

4 Sludge Wave

Galarian Weezing uses Sludge Wave against Rillaboom in a Pokemon game

Introduced in Generation V, Sludge Wave can deal massive damage with its base power of 95. It is also dependable because of its base accuracy of 100%. Though double battles are not incredibly common in the main series games, in the situations in which trainers take part in them, Sludge Wave can hit all adjacent Pokémon, including allies.

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This potential for damage can be concerning, but if trainers plan for it by utilizing a Steel-type alongside the Pokémon using Sludge Wave, having the other Pocket Monster enter a semi-invulnerable turn, etc., damage from the attack can be avoided. Additionally, the attack has a 10% chance to poison those it hits.

3 Shell Side Arm

Galarian Slowbro uses Shell Side Arm in a Pokemon game

It may not be among the strongest signature moves in Pokémon, but Galarian Slowbro’s Shell Side Arm helps the Pocket Monster to compete with intimidating foes. Its base power is 90 and base accuracy is 100%, and with a 20% chance to poison the enemy, Shell Side Arm is a solid attack with these aspects alone.

To make it even better though, it has the additional element of predicting whether a Physical or Special attack would do more damage to the target, adjusting its category accordingly. Both of Galarian Slowbro’s offensive stats have the same relatively high value, so this adjustment makes Shell Side Arm an often destructive tool.

2 Belch

Whiscash uses Belch against Fomantis in a Pokemon game

Belch is a unique Poison-type attack in the way it activates. The user must first consume a Berry in the battle, and after doing so, the Pokémon can strike with immense force. The attack has a base power of 120 and a base accuracy of 90%.

Though this accuracy is not ideal, it is high enough to be usually reliable. The necessity to eat a Berry before attacking with Belch can be frustrating, but doing so gives trainers a powerful option for the remainder of the battle.

1 Gunk Shot

A shiny Garbodor uses Gunk Shot in a battle

Gunk Shot is available to many Poison-type Pokémon, but it is also accessible for a large number of non-Poison-types through various means. Those that can learn it include the likes of Obstagoon, supplying it with a valuable tool to utilize against some of the strongest Fairy-type Pokémon that often give it trouble.

The attack only has a base accuracy of 80%, so it is not the most dependable, but its base power of 120 and the 30% chance to poison the opponent make it a terrifying threat.

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