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Pokémon: Life-Size Pikachu Shows Off Electric Moves As a Phone Charger

A talented Pokémon fan has recently created a lifelike clay statue of franchise mascot Pikachu, one which also operates as a phone charger.

A talented Pokémon fan has created a life-like clay Pikachu statue which operates as a phone charger. As the mascot of the franchise, the friendly Electric-type Pokémon is recognizable around the world. Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon in numerous countries, and is recognizable even by people who’ve never played a Pokémon game before.

Given its popularity, it will come as no surprise that Pikachu is the focus of much Pokémon-related artwork. Its long ears, yellow fur and red cheeks are instantly recognizable in both official merchandise and fan works. As the starter Pokémon and constant companion of Ash in the anime, Pikachu has been a familiar part of childhood for millions of people. And with that level of familiarity, especially when in relation to such a popular franchise, comes a constant influx of fan content based on the character. As time goes on, this has led the more ambitious fans to create ever-more impressive works in honor of the mascot, such as an amazing image of Pikachu made from lasers.


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Now, Twitter user and clay artist Nendo Yoshirin has posted images of their newest creation; a Pikachu statue that can charge a phone. The statue is carefully formed so that when a phone is placed into the crook of Pikachu’s arm, it appears to rub a cheek against the device, which in reality places the phone in proximity to an in-built MagSafe wireless phone charger. This allows the Pikachu statue to charge a phone by appearing to nuzzle it, in the creator’s own terms. The overall effect is as cute as it is functional, and this adorable clay Pokémon statue has quickly made a splash online.

As any Pokémon fan will know, the red circles on Pikachu’s cheeks are actually pouches that store electricity, and carelessly prodding at one can give you a nasty shock. But at the same time, they are the source of a Pikachu’s electrical attacks. This makes Nendo Yoshirin’s choice of pose for their new phone charger perfect from a lore standpoint. Those interested in the technical side of the statue’s creation can watch the modeling process on the Clay Yoshirin YouTube channel. The project was completed in collaboration with fellow Japanese YouTubers Fischer’s, and is not Nendo Yoshirin’s first statue of a fan-favorite character; previous creations by the same artist include recreations of Pachirisu and Pichu, two Pokémon statues which also doubled as ‘nuzzling’ chargers for electronic devices.

Nendo Yoshirin’s expertly made Pikachu statue is definitely one that any Pokémon fan would be happy to own. And while the statue itself is most likely a one-off, and unlikely to be available for purchase any time soon, that doesn’t mean that other artistic fans won’t be inspired to try making their own Pokémon phone chargers in the same mold. As models for phone-charging statues go, Pikachu is clearly the perfect choice; the famous Pokémon features in a wide array of merchandise, including clothing. This life-size replica’s ability to charge phones, much like an actual Pikachu would presumably be able to do, makes it a functional and appealing work of art.

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Sources: plasmaclusterha/Twitter (via ComicBook), Clay Yoshirin/YouTube

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