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Pokémon GO: Best Team to Use For Element Cup (Interlude Season)

The best teams for the Interlude Season’s Element Cup in Pokémon GO are comps that utilize the elemental limitations to the Trainer’s advantage.

The Element Cup is a PvP Battle League in Pokémon GO‘s current Interlude Season that lasts until May 17, 2022, featuring only Fire, Water, and Grassy-Type combatants. Furthermore, participants in the Element Cup are only allowed to dispatch Pokémon that are under 500 CP and are the first in their Evolutionary line. While creating an optimal team around such rules might sound tricky in Pokémon GO, it is indeed possible to form a formidable party in this Interlude Season’s Element Cup.

As with any PvP mode in Pokémon GO, it is unfeasible to create the “best Element Cup team” that is effective in all situations. Instead, players are advised to work around the Element Cup’s restrictions by filling in their party’s slots with a diverse set of objectively powerful Pokémon to create an optimal yet versatile team comp. In other words, although RNG plays a central role in match-ups, having an adaptable team is what will carry a Trainer to victory.


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Before discussing the best Pokémon to use for the Element Cup in this Interlude Season of Pokémon GO, it should be mentioned that the community currently regards Salandit to be one of the top-tier combatants to have in Pokémon GO. However, the main issue is acquiring this Poison and Fire-type Lizard is extremely difficult, as they are currently only available as a rare, randomized hatch from 12km Eggs. As a result, those who own Salandit are highly recommended to add the Pokémon to their team comp. Yet, Trainers who do not have this elusive lizard still have many excellent team options for the Element Cup.

Best Pokémon For Element Cup Interlude Season

Best Pokémon For Element Cup Interlude Season

Below are the most suitable Pokémon for forming teams in Pokémon GO’s Element Cup for the current Interlude Season:

  • Ducklett – Fast Move: Wing Attack | Charge Move: Bubble Beam or Brave Bird
  • Cottonee – Fast Move: Charm | Charge Move: Grass Knot or Seed Bomb
  • Chinchou – Fast Move: Spark | Charge Move: Thunderbolt or Bubble Beam
  • Bulbasaur – Fast Move: Vine Whip | Charge Move: Seed Bomb or Sludge Bomb
  • Vulpix – Fast Move: Quick Attack | Charge Move: Body Slam or Weather Ball
  • (Shadow) Slowpoke – Fast Move: Confusion | Charge Move: Psychic or Psyshock
  • Seel – Fast Move: Ice Shard | Charge Move: Aqua Tail or Icy Wind
  • Chikorita – Fast Move: Vine Whip | Charge Move: Body Slam or Grass Knot

While team comps will depend on a Trainer’s preference, here are several potential team combinations that will provide high performance in battle:

  • Slowpoke – Ducklett – Vulpix
  • Chikorita – Ducklett – Vulpix
  • Bulbasaur – Chinchou – Vulpix
  • Cottonee – Chinchou – Vulpix

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Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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