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Mario Kart Video Shows The Game’s Most Unlucky Player

A Mario Kart fan posted a video on Twitter that showcased the unfortunate events that led to a player losing a race right before the finish line.

A recent video on Twitter showcases the most unlucky player in the Mario Kart franchise. The Mario Kart series has remained immensely popular throughout the years thanks to Nintendo’s ability to keep the series fresh with new courses, items, and characters while still maintaining the classic format of the first title. The most recent Mario Kart game, Mario Kart 8, became the best-selling racing game in the U.S. upon its release. Though there have been several games in the racing series throughout the years, many fans still enjoy playing older games with their friends.

One of the signature features consistently appearing in the Mario Kart franchise are items. Available for players to pick up by driving through clear boxes marked with question marks, these items can help a player in various ways. There are items that can boost a player’s speed or other items that can hinder other players from being in the lead or getting ahead. For example, there are different colored shells in the Mario Kart franchise that are used to target players, including the green, red, and even the feared Mario Kart blue shell.


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A Mario Kart fan that goes by the handle tyomateee on Twitter posted a video showcasing the unfortunate events that led to a player losing a race in Mario Kart Wii. In the video, the player is racing as Princess Daisy on a motorcycle, crossing a swinging wooden bridge placed just before the finish line. As the player drives across the bridge, they’re hit with a red shell and a blue shell at the same time, and then hit once again with another red shell. After regaining composure, they’re pushed to the side by another player, then hit for the third time with a red shell. Afterwards, the player is pushed off the bridge by another passing player. Once the player is brought back onto the track by Lakitu, Mario Kart’s Bullet Bill knocks them off the track once more.

Players of any Mario Kart title know that in almost every race, some other player or the CPU will use an item to hinder the player. But in tyomateee’s video, the player isn’t hit just once or even twice by an item. They’re essentially stopped in their tracks by several different items–some used against them on purpose, and some items that hit the player by chance. To add insult to injury, several players hit the racer in the video twice, so they fell right off the course. The video proves that whoever was behind the wheel in this clip truly is the most unlucky player in the Mario Kart series.

It’s now being speculated that Nintendo will officially reveal that it’s in the process of developing Mario Kart 9. If the new game will follow the classic formula, there will most certainly be new items. Hopefully players of the newer game will not be as unlucky as this unfortunate Mario Kart racer.

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Source: tyomateee/Twitter

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