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Link’s Awakening-Style Indie Game Mocked By Zelda Fans

IGN recently spotlighted an indie game called Mysplaced, but many gamers were quick to call the title out for ripping off Link’s Awakening.

An indie game has recently become the recipient of criticism and mockery from gamers for being too similar to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The classic Zelda entry is a favorite amongst fans of the franchise, and both the original and modern remake have been showered with praise from the gaming community. The title is particularly popular with Nintendo fans, many of whom have recreated areas of Link’s Awakening in Animal Crossing.

Originally released for the Game Boy back in 1993, Link’s Awakening was both a critical and financial success. Critics and average players alike were fond of the game for its charming visuals and sound, alongside its gameplay systems, which were equal parts engaging and accessible. Moreover, the handheld title proved to be highly influential in the burgeoning video gaming landscape, as it practicality and focus on atmosphere and storytelling helped draw in a larger audience than other, more advanced games of its time. Link’s Awakening was rebuilt from the ground up for a 2019 Switch release, which reinvigorated interest and passion in the game. The spirit of the 1993 release wound up being well-suited to a 3D release, despite the fact that directly translating Link’s Awakening to 3D could have been awful.


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The influence of Link’s Awakening and its modern remake was put on display in a recent tweet from IGN, which showcased an indie game called Mysplaced. IGN describes the game as “extremely reminiscent” of Link’s Awakening, but many gamers are of the opinion that Mysplaced crosses the boundary from reminiscent into something akin to plagiarism. Twitter users like Agustorm and PlayerEssence replied to IGN‘s tweet with memes mocking the perceived copycat nature of Mysplaced, while LonelyGoomba shared a side-by-side comparison of the two games, showing just how similar they are.

It’s undeniable that Mysplaced bears a striking resemblance to Link’s Awakening. The similarities go beyond the basic art style and into the animations, camera angles, puzzles, and even elements of the UI. While the graphical approach of Link’s Awakening can lead to delightful results, like in the case of the fan-made Earthbound remake mock-up, it appears that Mysplaced is just too similar to be taken seriously by gamers, as many are writing it off as little more than a Link’s Awakening rip-off.

With that said, some of the responses to IGN‘s showcase are surprisingly vitriolic, with some users going as far as deeming Mysplaced outright plagiarism and even urging Nintendo to sue the game’s indie developers. IGN‘s spotlight of the game only showed a small glimpse, and while Mysplaced most certainly is inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, gamers may want to actually play the game before suggesting that its developers are guilty of theft.

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