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Halo Infinite Gets Beaten on Highest Difficulty Without Firing a Bullet

A talented speedrunner has managed to complete Halo Infinite’s single-player campaign on the Legendary difficulty without firing a single bullet.

A skilled player has cleared Halo Infinite’s story campaign without firing a single shot. 343 Industries released the single-player component of Halo Infinite back in December, where it received glowing reviews from critics for its emotional plot that tied into the storylines of past Halo installments while paving the way for future games. During this plot, Master Chief faces off against a dangerous new enemy named the Banished on the ancient Zeta Halo, all while building an uneasy partnership with a new AI companion called The Weapon.           

Meanwhile, challenge runs have always been a popular activity in the world of gaming, with one particular version being the speed run. This type of playthrough has players trying to complete a particular game as fast as they can. These runs often involve skipping cutscenes and knowing a game’s layout well enough to figure out the fastest route to get to a certain objective, but players have been known to occasionally use glitches and mods to shave down a campaign’s runtime even further – as was the case when a speedrunner cleared Paper Mario by transferring a save file from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. One speedrunner didn’t need such elaborate methods to clear Halo Infinite’s campaign – or even a single bullet, for that matter.


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Kotaku reports that a YouTube speedrunner named Tom recently completed Halo Infinite’s campaign on the Legendary Difficulty, and posted a video of this feat on his YouTube channel, Simply & Slick. To make things even more interesting, Tom decided to complete this run without firing any bullets or energy projectiles, only attacking enemies with melee weapons like the Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer. Tools like Halo Infinite’s new wrist-mounted Grappleshot were also fair game, as were the many throwable Energy Coil batteries that litter the open-world map of the Zeta Halo. Tom originally wanted to complete his Halo Infinite run using only the game’s standard MK50 Sidekick pistol, but he told Kotaku that this proved impossible given how difficult Halo Infinite’s bosses are.

Even before Halo Infinite’s campaign launched, players have been able to pull off wild displays of skill in the game’s free-to-play multiplayer, which was released a month before the single-player and broke Steam records for the most concurrent users on an Xbox studios title. By using Halo Infinite’s Grappleshot and Deflector tolls to swing across chasms like Spider-Man, bounce grenades back to their source, and take down enemy WASP aircraft with a well-aimed throw of a power cell. Additionally, some Halo Infinite players have managed to perform some impressive gameplay runs, such as winning 100 Free-For-All games in a row.

Halo Infinite’s single-player story campaign can be challenging even while fully utilizing the game’s vast arsenal of USMC and Banished weaponry, making Tom’s rapid and bullet-free playthrough all the more impressive. There has already been quite a few impressive challenge runs of Halo Infinite a full month after its single-player launch, and there will likely be more after 343 Industries finally adds the long-awaited campaign co-op to Halo Infinite in the near future.                    

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Source: Kotaku, Simply & Slick/YouTube

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