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God Of War: How To Find The Finder’s Fee Treasure

In God Of War, players will need a treasure map located in the Forgotten Caves to lead them to the Finder’s Fee treasure hidden in Northri Stronghold.

In God of War, players will want to find the Finder’s Fee treasure as one of 12 collectible treasures in the game. In addition to finding all the treasures to complete the set, the treasures are full of valuable items. To find the treasure, players will first need to locate the treasure map to find a riddle and an image indicating the treasure’s location buried somewhere in the nine realms.

Players can find the treasure map for the Finder’s Fee treasure in the Forgotten Caves, which are on the Northwest shore of the Lake of Nine. To find the caves, players should paddle West from the Alfheim Tower all the way across the lake and dock at the beach. When players dock, they will have to contend with a restless spirit, an enemy in God of War. From there, players should enter the cave with a Mystic Gateway and a wooden chest. Once inside, players should again turn right to head into the next cave. In this second room of the cave, players will have to deal with Wulvers, and they will find the treasure map glowing on the floor.


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Once obtained, the map is located under the goals tab in the treasure map category. The map will contain a clue advising players to find a secret perch with a stash of stolen goods from an employee of Hraezla Farmadr. To find the treasure, players will need to travel to Northri Stronghold, in the far Northwest of Midgard. If players have not yet completed the favor Family Business, they will not be able to access this location. In that case, players will need to progress through the main story in God of War until the favor is completed to proceed with finding the Finder’s Fee treasure.

Finder’s Fee Treasure Location in God of War

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To reach the Northri Stronghold, players should use the Northernmost Mystic Gateway if they have unlocked it. Once they arrive, players should row past Sindri’s shop while always keeping it on their right. Then, players should continue rowing past the ship, through the broken gate, and paddle until they reach a room with the water wheel. Players will know they are in the correct location if they see a white flag flying on a dock.

Once players have confirmed the location, they should then exit their boat in God of War onto the dock and proceed on foot, staying close to the right wall. There are wooden platforms on the right, which players should climb. Of note, if players reach a gap they need to jump over, they have gone too far. The Finder’s Fee treasure is almost directly in front of the player when they reach the top of the wooden platforms near the rear wall. Players should recognize the location from the image in the treasure map.

The Finder’s Fee treasure contains a Rare Enchantment and Unyielding Cinders, a Legendary item used to upgrade axe pommels with burn damage. Additionally, the treasure has ten World Serpent Scale Fragments and some Hacksilver in God of War.

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God of War is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will be available for PC on January 14, 2022.

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