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God Of War: Bottoms Up Artifact Locations (The Mountain)

The Bottoms Up artifacts are a set of six collectibles found through multiple chapters in God of War. Sell them all for a heft sum of Hacksilver.

God of War has many collectibles that Kratos and Atreus can find throughout Midgard, like the locations of the Bottoms Up artifacts in the mountain. These artifacts are some of the more difficult ones to acquire because the full set is split between two chapters in God of War called Inside The Mountain and Return To The Summit. The first four, however, can be found in the former chapter, leaving the two final Bottoms Up artifacts in God of War to be located in the latter.

Like all other artifacts in God of War, the Bottoms Up artifacts can be safely sold to Brok or Sindri for compensation. This set, in particular, allows players to get more Hacksilver in God of War than most other complete sets for a total of 30,000 Hacksilver. By the time Kratos and Atreus can find the final Bottoms Up artifacts, however, Hacksilver will hopefully be in plentiful supply for players. Nonetheless, some of the latter game upgrades can cost upwards of 45,000 Hacksilver, which means the Bottoms Up artifacts can cover a nice portion of the prices.


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During the Inside The Mountain chapter, Kratos and Atreus will have to solve multiple puzzles and fight off just as many hoards of enemies, making it difficult to track down Bottoms Up artifacts. The chapter is full of action as the two progress through the mountain, and Kratos can even get another Frozen Flame to upgrade the God of War’s Leviathan Axe. In order to find each of the Bottoms Up artifacts during this chapter in God of War, players should carefully venture forward only after exploring every location in the mountain.

God Of War: All Bottoms Up Artifact Locations In The Mountain

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These are the locations of the Bottoms Up artifacts in God of War:

  • Bottoms Up Artifact 1: Solve the riddle at the entrance of the mountain, then head right into the large chamber. Keep right along the main path to ignite a Light Crystal, then smash through the wooden door to find the first Bottoms Up artifact inside.
  • Bottoms Up Artifact 2: After pushing the minecart for a few steps, turn back and look at the spot it was originally in to find a spiked door. Push the spiked door in to find the second Bottoms Up artifact.
  • Bottoms Up Artifact 3: Once Kratos and Atreus have defeated the dragon boss in God of War, Hraezlyr, continue into the mountain to find a large pull covered in the Shatter Cyrstal. Clear the crystal and follow the path immediately behind the mining basket to find the next Bottoms Up artifact.
  • Bottoms Up Artifact 4: As Kratos and Atreus reach the large door covered in Hel Bramble, look left to find the next Bottoms Up artifact beside a corpse.
  • Bottoms Up Artifact 5: During Return To The Summit, head to the main room where the lift was used to travel up the first time. Clear the pathway blocked by the sap under the platform near the minecart tracks to find the next Bottoms Up artifact.
  • Bottoms Up Artifact 6: Continue through the Return To The Summit chapter in the God of War story by taking the new lift up to the area with a Stone Ancient. Head through the far door in the library area, and find the final Bottoms Up artifact in God of War next to a corpse.

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God of War is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and will be available for PC on January 14, 2022.

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