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Fortnite Introduces Action Movie Icon Robocop

Fortnite introduces a new skin, harvesting tool, and emote based on the 1980s action movie icon Robocop, and players seem to be conflicted.

The popular battle royale title Fortnite has just introduced the 1980s action icon Robocop, and despite the game’s proclivity for including similar pop culture icons, the robotic police officer’s inclusion has left some conflicted. Fortnite in general is no stranger to controversy (even within Fortnite’s iconic building aspect) but the popularity of Epic’s beloved title remains strong nonetheless.

The daily updates to the Item Shop are arguably one of the most consistently hyped aspects of Fortnite. Fans keep track of how often vaulted items cycle through the shop, and leaks constantly predict new featured items that may appear. While Epic supplies players with original character skins typically based on its seasons and chapters, pop culture-inspired skins and emotes are generally the most sought after. From movies, shows, and Tik Tok trends to other video games, skins and emotes based on whatever is currently popular are frequently added. The most common additions tend to be Marvel crossovers, which are included in both the season battle passes and the item shop, as was the case the new fan admired Wanda Maximoff Fortnite skin.


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While most skins are generally expected due to leaks or clues found in game files and gameplay, the latest Robocop addition has come as a surprise to a majority of Fortnite players. The pop culture icon originally from the 1980s was added to the Item Shop on March 13th and featured in a video tweeted by Fortnite. The Robocop pack includes not only the iconic Robocop skin, but also a pickaxe, back bling, and emote serving as an almost degrading homage to the title character’s malfunctioning opponent ED-209.

While some are reasonably excited about the crossover like they were with other 80s Fortnite cosmetics like The Terminator and the Xenomorph, others are questioning the reason behind Robocop’s inclusion. Not only is the addition surprising in general, but some critics have also already dug deeper, suggesting that Robocop‘s themes critiquing capitalism don’t fit into Fortnite‘s model, which encourages microtransactions and spending. The movie is also extremely violent, which is a strong departure from Fortnite‘s family friendly presentation. The Item Shop and its additions have frequently been a point of contention, but most agree that new items (especially crossovers) are exciting overall, and many players are already utilizing the Robocop skin.

As an intengral part of the game, Fortnite cosmetics are seemingly always going to be important to fans despite the criticisms of Epic Games’ crossovers, copyright issues, and business practices mainly regarding the Item Shop. Robocop is currently accompanied by other extremely popular featured items like Scarlet Witch and the unvaulted Icon and Star Wars skins (which appeared alongside new Stormtrooper quests and lightsabers). After Robocop, fans are heavily anticipating what may appear next in Fortnite, including a rumored Star Wars-themed third season of Chapter 3.

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