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Evil Dead: How to Play With Friends

Evil Dead: The Game supports a number of ways for Survivors to play with or against one another, particularly with or against friends in lobbies.

Evil Dead: The Game is primarily a co-op-focused experience, which means Survivors play with their friends as they fight demons. Evil Dead: The Game has seen early success since its release just a few short days ago, and it’s likely due to the fact that the co-op experience has been phenomenal from launch. Everyone loves a survival game that brings people together to fight off whatever supernatural forces are thrown at them, and Evil Dead: The Game does it in a way that leaves no person behind.

Before every character in Evil Dead: The Game can be used, however, some of them will have to be unlocked through the game’s missions. While these missions are actually solo activities, they’re short and serve the purpose of introducing the game’s mechanics to players. Furthermore, as new Survivors are unlocked, players can farm XP for the characters used in the missions only. It isn’t the most effective way to earn XP in Evil Dead: The Game, but it does allow players to become more familiar with certain Survivors before they link up in co-op play alongside their friends. Additionally, there is also a mode that allows players to play solo alongside a team of AI Survivors against an AI demon.


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Evil Dead: The Game does support multiplayer crossplay, allowing those on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation to join one another in both public and custom matches. This option can be turned off as well, for those who prefer playing with others on the same type of console. Additionally, the game is available on both last-gen and current-gen consoles and supports cross-generational play as well.

Evil Dead: The Game – How To Create Custom Lobbies

Evil Dead: How to Level Up Survivors (The Fast Way)

Creating custom lobbies is easy in Evil Dead: The Game. In the game menus, head to the Social Tab and add the appropriate person’s Epic Games, Xbox, or PlayStation ID to link up with whomever, across any device. If players find themselves enjoying the company of randoms and would like to play with them again, they can use the Recents section under the Social Tab to invite them to another game.

Those who are looking to level-up Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game as quickly as possible should link up with other players and face off against an AI demon. This will be the most effective way to level up all survivors in the game, especially if players can have the ability to communicate with one another. Additionally, full-on custom lobbies can be set up as well to test builds and other Survivors out, but there won’t be any XP rewards at the end of the match.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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