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Encanto: The D&D Class Of Each Character

The members of the Family Madrigal in Disney’s Encanto have been bestowed with gifts by their Casita. Each gift manifests in magical powers that are unique to each member, some being more powerful than others in some ways, but each serving a role for their family.

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With each member serving their unique purpose, the Family Madrigal feels not unlike an adventuring party in Dungeons & Dragons. If the characters in Encanto found themselves in D&D, what player options in terms of Class would work for each member, in terms of mechanics and flavor?

9 Julieta – Cleric


Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, is able to help people with her cooking. In D&D, Clerics are known for their ability to heal and support allies in battle. Though she’s not seen in combat per se, her ability to heal with a meal makes Cleric a good fit for Julieta.

The Cleric even has access to spells like Create Food/Water and Heroes’ Feast, which gives allies a boost to their health on top of other positive effects. For bonus points, there is a feat available called Chef, which allows players to give extra healing during short rests by cooking special food, as well as dole out temporary hit points via special treats throughout the day.

8 Pepa – Sorcerer

Pepa’s gift bestowed on her by the Casita is to affect the weather with her mood. Being that her gift is nature-based, initially, Druid seems like a good fit, but her inability to control her gift at times is a trait she shares with many Sorcerers.

Due to her stress and the weather being dependent on her mood, the shifts that she creates are often turbulent and torrential. Specifically, Storm Soul Sorcerer is an obvious pick, as their features are focused on enhancing storm-based spells like Lightning Bolt and Sleet Storm, and creating storm-like effects whenever casting spells.


7 Bruno – Wizard

Though he’s not particularly studious, Bruno is considered one of the most intelligent characters in Encanto, so a Wizard could work for him. With the School of Divination subclass, players would gain access to spells like Augury or Divination, which are rituals that give readings of the future that are slightly informative but not the entire story.

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Additionally, Wizards in lore even outside of D&D tend to be reclusive due to the nature of their power, often shunned by society. Similarly, Bruno himself is ostracized by his own family due to their inability to understand his gift’s predictions.

6 Isabela – Druid

Isabela Madrigal swinging in Encanto

Initially, with her personality and presentation, Isabela might seem most suited to a Charisma-based class. However, in one of the best musical numbers of Encanto, “What Else Can I Do?” it’s revealed that her true desire is to grow all kinds of plants and flora and not just pretty ones, reflective of her own deeper desire to not be relegated to the poster child for the family and to adhere to their standards despite her true nature.

Her desire not to make things conventionally pretty, but to let them be as they are, is in line with a Druid’s devotion to nature. Isabela values change and growth, making her a good fit for the Druid Class, and with spells like Plant Growth or Druid’s Grove, players can animate and accelerate plant growth.

5 Luisa – Paladin

Luisa lifting a house on Encanto

Luisa, the powerhouse of the Madrigals, is motivated by a code, which is her duty to her family. Likewise, Paladins in D&D 5e are typically motivated by some sort of code or set of rules. Contrary to how they may seem, a Paladin’s story does not need to be about them sticking to their code all the time. In fact, oftentimes the most compelling Paladin storylines can be about their struggle to stick to their code, and whether they can handle the weight of it.

Reflecting this idea, the song “Surface Pressure” is about Luisa’s struggle to handle the pressure of being the strong and reliable one of the family. Paladins are also typically strength-heavy, which would speak to Luisa’s skillset, and a subclass like Oath of Glory with its focus on athleticism would be a good fit for the character.

4 Camilo – Rogue

The only class with a ‘shifting’ ability is the Druid. However, this mechanic is limited to beasts and elementals and would therefore not be able to replicate Camilo’s ability to shapeshift into other people.

Rogue would be a better fit, as Camilo seems more of a mischievous sort, poking fun at family members and using his powers to sneak extra arepas. Rogue is the sneakiest and trickiest of the D&D classes, using deception and misdirection to succeed. Assassin is the only subclass that allows for identity switching and disguising, but as it seems to be an innate ability for him, Camilo would do better to simply take Changeling as a race, which is able to change their appearance at will.

3 Dolores – Ranger


Dolores’ ability to hear a pin drop from miles away is somewhat analogous to a Ranger’s Primal Awareness feature, especially when they reach level 17 and gain access to the Commune With Nature spell. This spell allows players to get a lay of the land within 3 miles, and even know the location of select creatures.

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This is essentially an ability Dolores has at all times. With a feat like Observant, players can achieve a high passive wisdom to ensure nothing gets by their keen eyes and–more appropriately for Dolores–ears.

2 Antonio – Druid


Antonio is the youngest in the Family Madrigal, and receives his gift from the Casita in the beginning of the movie. His ability to communicate with animals is one shared by both Druids and Rangers. Rangers are more known for the Beastmaster archetype; a character that has an animal companion they share a special bond with, but they tend to only have that connection with one beast.

Circle of the Shepherd Druid is an excellent option to be able to summon and communicate with many Beast or Fey creatures. Extra player options published in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything include the option to use the Wild Shape feature to summon a Familiar, instead of shifting into an animal themself.

1 Mirabel – Bard

Though she never received a gift from the Casita, Mirabel is something of a lorekeeper for her family. The opening number of the movie, “The Family Madrigal” is her recounting the history of her family and every individual member’s role in it.

In D&D, Bards are oftentimes themselves lorekeepers, retelling stories of heroism and valor to motivate allies and keep their spirits up. In terms of presentation within the movie, Mirabel is a performer, singing and dancing with every number, and she’s one of the most likable characters in Encanto. On top of everything, the story of Encanto is Mirabel helping members of her family realize who they truly are, casting aside any ideas of who they’re supposed to be. She inspires her family members and the residents of Encanto with her resilient spirit, much like a Bard in D&D.

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