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Demon Slayer has Never Looked More Beautiful in Gorgeous Fan Painting

In an absolutely breathtaking painting created by the fan of the manga series, the terrifying world of Demon Slayer has never looked more beautiful

In a gorgeous fan art painting by a comic and manga artist, the world of Demon Slayer has never looked more beautiful. Demon Slayer is known for its gritty style of demonic horror as the main characters have been tasked with protecting the world from the hellish villains. All the terror and bloodshed present in the manga series is momentarily brushed away with this gorgeous piece of all-new fan art. 

Demon Slayer follows the adventures of the main protagonist Tanjiro Kamado as he learns to be a Demon Slayer with the Demon Slayer Corps. Their mission is to track down and extinguish any demons that make their way into the physical world. Without the Demon Slayer Corps, the world would be overrun by the hellish monsters and destroy what beauty remains on Earth. The demonic threat that haunts the ones responsible for keeping it at bay is seemingly melted away in a piece of fan art that highlights the beauty in an otherwise dark and terrifying world. 


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In a Tweet by Tamasaburo, the artist depicts Tanjiro Kamado standing amid a lush garden of wisteria, a flowering plant native to certain areas of Asia. Tanjiro is seemingly in awe of the beauty surrounding him as his whole world is slowed to a stop while standing amid the natural phenomenon before him. While the artwork is an astounding sight to behold, the artist takes it one step further in their post. Fans are given a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes process of creating the piece of Demon Slayer fan art as the then unfinished piece lays on the artist’s desk with most of the wisteria finished while Tanjiro is still a work in progress.

The use of wisteria in this piece of fan art isn’t just for the sake of the plant’s beauty, but because the flower also holds significance in Demon Slayer lore. Members of the Demon Slayer Corps use wisteria to battle demons as the flower is hated by demons and they do whatever they can to avoid it. 

The fact that no demon would dare travel to an area overrun with wisteria makes this fan art painting even more magical. Not only is Tanjiro surrounded by beauty, but he can also be completely calm and at peace with the knowledge that in the wisteria garden, he is completely safe from the horrors brought on by the demon threat. From the beautiful visuals to the safety that beauty represents, the world of Demon Slayer has never looked more gorgeous than in this breathtaking fan art painting.

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Source: Tamasaburo

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