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Cult Of The Lamb’s Best Tarot Cards, Ranked

Massive Monster’s Cult of the Lamb adds an occult twist to the rogue-like genre, including tarot cards that grant the player buffs. During their crusades, players collect tarot cards, often from Cult of the Lamb‘s fortune-teller character, Clauneck. Each card only lasts for the duration of the run and is lost when players return to their cult, either voluntarily or upon death. Thanks to The One Who Waits, death in Cult of the Lamb is a minor setback, with the player only losing a small percentage of their inventory before being resurrected once more.


Though Cult of the Lamb was only released earlier this month, the Australian-made game rose to the top of the Steam Top Sellers chart and the US Nintendo Switch store chart on launch day, exceeding expectations for the roguelike indie game. Cult of the Lamb has been frequently described as a mix between Hades and The Binding of Isaac, with cute animals and a farming simulator sprinkled in.

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While the best tarot cards for each run in Cult of the Lamb can be down to the player’s preference, there are certain tarot cards that stand out from the rest and can be advantageous in any Cult of the Lamb run. Currently, there are 36 tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb for players to choose from, though some must be unlocked first. Here are the best tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb and how to unlock them.

5. Cult Of The Lamb’s Arachnid Tarot Card Poisons Everything

The Arachnid tarot card is available to players by default, so Cult of the Lamb players can use it from the very beginning. The Arachnid poisons every enemy that the player hits, regardless of whether they were struck with a weapon or a curse. However, this tarot card may become redundant to Cult of the Lamb players upon unlocking Bane Weapons, which have a chance to poison enemies with every hit.

4. Ambrosia Is Cult Of The Lamb’s Powerful Curse Tarot Card

Ambrosia is the first tarot card in this list that isn’t available to players by default but instead can be purchased from Forneus the Cat Merchant for a hefty 30 gold coins. Forneus’ shop can appear in any of Cult of the Lamb‘s different biomes. Ambrosia increases curse attack damage by 1.25x and stacks as the player obtains Faith. While pricey, Ambrosia is a great choice for Cult of the Lamb players who favor curses over melee combat.

3. Blazing Trail Is A Tarot Card Useful Throughout All Of Cult Of The Lamb

Like Ambrosia, the Blazing Trail tarot card must be purchased from one of Cult of the Lamb‘s NPC merchants. Blazing Trail can be purchased for 35 Gold from the Spore Mound area, which players can travel to after they’ve encountered Mushroom NPCs during crusades in Anura. When Blazing Trail is equipped, dodge-rolling into an enemy will damage them. As dodging is integral in every dungeon crawler roguelite game, such as Hades, Blazing Trail works well regardless of the player’s weapon or curse choices.

2. Cult Of The Lamb’s Hearts 3 Is The Best Health Tarot Card

The Hearts tarot card comes in three different tiers, with each card providing Cult of the Lamb players with additional Red Hearts. The Hearts I, which is available by default, provides players with an extra half Heart. The Hearts II is unlocked by visiting Ratau at the Lonely Shack and beating him in Knucklebones and provides players with one extra Heart. The best of the bunch, the Hearts III must be purchased from Ratau for 100 Gold in a Heart Room, which will appear randomly throughout crusades.

1. The Deal Is Cult Of The Lamb’s Most Powerful Tarot Card

Last but not least, The Deal tarot card allows players to be resurrected upon death with one Heart, granting the player an extra lease of life thanks to Cult of the Lamb‘s mysterious One Who Waits. It works especially well for runs where players have invested in healing perks. The Deal is only accessible later on in the game, as it is sold at Midas’ Cave, the final area that Cult of the Lamb players unlock, for a steep ten Gold Bars.

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