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Buckhead Shore: Savannah Calls Lake House Experience ‘Hectic’

Buckhead Shore star Savannah Gabriel called filming at the lake house hectic, since she was staying with her boyfriend Parker and his ex-girlfriend.

Savannah Gabriel says her experience filming Buckhead Shore was hectic because she was staying in her boyfriend Parker Lipman’s lake house with him and his ex-girlfriend Katie Canham. The new MTV series is the latest installment in the Jersey Shore franchise and takes place at Lake Lanier in Georgia, where Parker’s family owns a lake house. The trailer for the reality tv series confirms there will be some relationship drama for Parker, as he seems to be caught between his love for current girlfriend Savannah and ex-girlfriend Katie. If the new Jersey Shore spin-off is anything like the ones that came before it, there will also be plenty of housemate fights and wild partying, like on Floribama Shore.


The three cast mates will also be joined in the house by JuJu Barney, Adamo Giraldo, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott, and DJ Simmons. DJ Simmons is the son of R&B musician, songwriter, and record producer Daryl Simmons and has dreams of making it big in the music industry as well. The show was announced in May and caused some controversy amongst the Floribama Shore cast. While they were quick to tell fans to support the new show and cast, they were also upset that MTV has not given them any information on if their show will return.

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As Buckhead Shore arrives as the newest series in the Jersey Shore franchise, star Savannah is giving the inside scoop on what it was like filming the show. It’s unclear if she and Parker are still together after filming, but the cast member told Distractify that dating Parker while living with his ex-girlfriend was a little tricky. “It was definitely awkward and hectic,” Savannah admitted. “And you know, with cameras and alcohol, it definitely got very messy, but in all, it was a really fun time,” Savannah explained that while it was initially uncomfortable, she ended up bonding with Katie.

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We both really cared about Parker, and we both are kind of feeling awkward and uncomfortable. So we kind of bonded through that,the Buckhead Shore star shared. Parker and Katie dated on and off for four years but have not revealed the exact reason they broke up. As for how Parker feels about her now, there seem to be no hard feelings. The star of the Jersey Shore spin-off admits he still has a lot of love for Katie despite their split. Parker even shared that he came up with the idea for the show while quarantined in his lake house with Katie while they were still together.

It sure sounds like a chaotic situation to be in and something most people would never want to experience. The setup could have certainly gone south and ended up something like Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammie Giancola’s tumultuous Jersey Shore romance. Luckily, it seems like everyone involved was mature about the situation. While it may have been great drama for Buckhead Shore, it’s good to know the two stars are civil and can peacefully coexist on the show together.

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Buckhead Shore premieres June 23 at 9 p.m. on MTV.

Source: Distractify

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