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Black Panther & Storm’s New Daughter Arrives in Dark Ages

Wakanda’s Black Panther and the X-Men’s Storm’s bond has seen the two heroes through for decades, and now Marvel finally reveals their new daughter.

Warning: contains spoilers for Dark Ages #4!

The power couple of Black Panther and Storm have been together (in an on-again, off-again relationship) for quite some time. Now Marvel finally reveals their daughter in their new Dark Ages series, a dark alternate universe tale that showcases the best and worse of people in a time of extraordinary crisis. Dark Ages #4 finally shows the children of various superheroes – including Nkosazana.

In Dark Ages, the entire Earth is left without electricity after a last-resort strategy was employed by Doctor Strange in his quest to defeat the artificial lifeform the Unmaker. The Sorcerer Supreme opened a portal to another dimension in which no electricity functioned, and the Unmaker fell silent. But the mechanical monstrosity maliciously murdered the Master of the Mystic Arts before he had a chance to close the portal – and thus, all computers ceased working, communications fell silent, and lights dimmed and winked out across the globe.


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While some heroes maintained order through their superpowers – like a network of telepathic X-Men serving as living connections between settlements – others used the new Dark Age to make a grab for power. Apocalypse has kidnapped Tony Stark, imprisoned Magneto, and used the Purple Man to hypnotize Quicksilver into killing the Human Torch. Storm uses her power to deliver a repurposed Helicarrier to Africa (far away from Apocalypse’s base in Europe) where the Queen is reunited with King T’Challa – and her daughter Nkosazana.

The daughter of Black Panther and Storm does not appear to have inherited either of their powers, but as the child of the King and Queen of Wakanda, that technically makes her a princess and next in line for the throne (if the Wakandan line of succession works in a similar manner to more terrestrial monarchies). She’s already proven to be a massive problem for the King; she can’t sleep, and T’Challa is forced to wake up at 5:00 AM, much to his frustration – though Storm gently reminds her husband that she spent the whole night pushing a Helicarrier across the ocean.

Dark Ages is quickly becoming a story of the next generation of heroes. Spider-Man’s daughter May was introduced in the first issue, and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter Dani stows away aboard the Helicarrier later in the fourth. Black Panther and Storm’s daughter isn’t seen much this issue, but with the world on the brink once again, every hero will be needed.

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