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Black Adam BTS Image Shows Dwayne Johnson Filming Complex VFX Shots

Dwayne Johnson takes to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes images of himself spending a grueling 10 hours in a VFX rig for a Black Adam sequence.

Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson has shared some new behind-the-scenes photos of himself in a complex visual FX rig for Black Adam. Originally created in 1945 as a one-time villain for the original Captain Marvel (Shazam) comics, the character would be resurrected as a recurring villain for the Marvel family after DC purchased the rights for the Captain Marvel characters in the 1970s. Though his character was not specifically named, Black Adam’s origin story as the first wizard’s champion was explained to a young Billy Batson in 2019’s Shazam!.

Johnson had been attached the project in one form or another, since 2006 when development on a Shazam! film was first announced. Originally, the former wrestler-turned-superstar was approached for the role of Captain Marvel but had expressed his interest in the villainous role of Black Adam instead. After development on the project was put on hold in 2009, it was later revived in 2014 when Warner Bros. began plans for their own interconnected cinematic universe. Initially, Johnson was intended to make his DCEU debut in Shazam!, but it was decided that their original plans would be split into two films, allowing Johnson to headline his own solo film first.


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With Black Adam’s July release date inching closer, it would appear that the film is still busy putting the finishing touches on the final product. Johnson took to Instagram to share a series of behind-the-scenes photos of himself in a VFX rig dubbed “the egg.” The grueling 10-hour process involved having his facial features mapped for “super intricate and complex” sequences for the character’s origin story as the Egyptian slave, Teth Adam. Johnson captioned the photo, “Very long work day, but very productive for our VFX production of BLACK ADAM” and thanked his director and crew. Check out the original post below:

A clear passion project for Johnson, the actor has proudly shared multiple production updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses since filming began in April last year. These latest images, which hint at the enormous complexity of the CGI requirements for the superhero blockbuster, just goes to show how much effort is being put into the film. The rig in which Johnson is pictured is often used to simulate various lighting states to allow filmmakers to capture an actor’s likeness and expressions so they can be more closely matched and digitally reproduced in the final edits. As Johnson himself states, it can often be a laborious process as the actor’s 10-hour day in the rig proves.

With DC planning a massive lineup of film releases this year, fans are eager to see how Johnson’s Black Adam will affect the future of the DC Extended Universe moving forward. The star claiming his character’s introduction will fundamentally shift “the balance of power” in the DC Universe, coupled with The Flash film expected to reset much of the previous DCEU timeline, it seems likely that the DCEU will be a very different place after this year is done. With the enormous effort that Johnson and the Black Adam cast and crew seem to be putting in to get this film just right, it is a good sign for DC fans keen to see the franchise reach its full potential.

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