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Bachelorette: Hannah Brown Gets New Puppy With BF Adam Woolard

The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown got a new puppy with her boyfriend, Adam Woolard. The two got an Australian Shepherd named Walley.

The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown reveals she and boyfriend of a year Adam Woolard got their first puppy together. Hannah and Adam began their relationship at the end of 2020 after meeting on a dating app. The pair confirmed their romance in February 2021, when the former reality star shared a photo of the two horseback riding in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Since then, Hannah and Adam have been inseparable, sharing all the best moments they’ve had over the past year.

In early December 2021, Hannah went to New York City with her model boyfriend for a quick romantic getaway. It is likely the two lovebirds headed to the city to celebrate their one-year anniversary. It was a long road for Hannah to finally find her person, and it seems she’s found that in Adam, who has a long-standing modeling career. From her stint on The Bachelor to having an affection with more than one of her Bachelorette contestants post-show, Hannah has found her perfect guy.


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Hannah and Adam have taken the next step in their relationship and got a puppy together. On January 22, Hannah introduced their puppy Walley in an Instagram post. The 27-year-old showed off her new adorable puppy in a series of posts, including one of the couple lying in the grass with their new family member. “Wally Meets World,” Hannah wrote in the caption. Adam also shared the news on his Instagram by posting more photos of him, Hannah, and the puppy. “Welcome home little buddy,” he wrote. Hannah, who reunited with Matt James on TikTok, later took to his comment section where she expressed how happy she was to have Adam as her “doggie’s daddy.” Before sharing to her grid, the author revealed she was a dog mother in her Instagram Stories.

Well… I’m an official dog mom,” Hannah wrote onto a snap of her at the airport when she met her Australian Shepherd for the first time. Hannah also shared a video of the car ride home with Wally, which was followed by his first walk, first trip to the beach, and first time successfully going to the bathroom over the weekend. She’s even considering creating an Instagram account for Walley, even asking her 2.5 million followers. Hannah, the DWTS season 28 winner, later recapped her first day with Walley, assuring fans the day went better than she expected. “First day with Wally has been so much better than I even expected […] He’s fun to play with. … He’s calm but still playful,” Hannah said. “I know it’s the first day, but he’s checked off all the boxes.” Walley even received some love from Hannah’s followers, including her good friend Matt James, who left several screaming emojis in her comment section.

Hannah is excited to welcome her new puppy into her and Adam’s life. The couple has created such a strong foundation in their relationship and were ready to take this next big step. The Bachelorette alum cannot wait to grow her life with Adam and their new puppy Walley.

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Sources: Hannah Brown/ Instagram, Adam Woolard/ Instagram

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