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10 Great Hidden Gem Games On Nintendo Wii

The Wii is arguably one of the most successful gaming consoles to date. It’s Nintendo’s best-selling home console and during its lifespan, it has been home to many stellar games. Super Smash Bros Brawl, Twilight Princess, and Mario Kart Wii – the list goes on.

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However, not every Wii title under the sun has gotten the same treatment. Some games, while great in their own right, have never garnered the same amount of attention compared to others, whether upon release or many years later.

10 Muramasa: The Demon Blade

This game was developed by Vanillaware, a gaming company renowned for its 2D RPG games. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is their only foray on the Wii, and it’s a sadly underrated title.

Largely based on the Edo period in Japan, Muramasa features a whole bunch of samurais and Japanese folklore. The art style is highly unique, with the characters and artwork looking like they came from a hand-drawn Edo painting. While the gameplay is simple, the mixture of combos and weapons is enough to keep anyone hooked. There’s even a weapon-based skill tree, where one can forge new weapons to try out.

9 Trauma Team

The fifth entry in Altus’ Trauma Center series, Trauma Team blends in a lot of the visual novel genre with some soap opera elements and medical simulation. Players have to conduct medical procedures in the form of mini-games using the Wii’s motion controls; they are scored based on their speed and accuracy after each procedure is done.

The narrative of Trauma Team is told from the perspective of six characters, each with a different profession (surgeon, orthopedic, etc.) The interweaving of the plot involving each individual character’s narrative is done quite well and keeps everything balanced.


8 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Fire Emblem games such as Awakening and Three Houses have garnered lots of praise, but Radiant Dawn sadly tends to go overlooked. Like other games in the series, Radiant Dawn plays like a tactical RPG with turn-based battles and character units moving around on a grid.

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What sets Radiant Dawn apart from other Fire Emblem titles, however, is that permanent death can happen to characters not pertaining to the main plot. This adds a level of difficulty to the game, as one would have to be methodical when planning out their moves or potentially risk losing a character forever.

7 Klonoa

Klonoa has seen some success on the original Playstation in 1998, with the 2.5D platformer being a big hit for Namco. It would find its way to the Wii a decade later in the form of a remake, but only with improved graphics and remastered cutscenes.

Much like the Playstation original, the Klonoa remake features the titular character using his ring, the “Wing Bullet” to blow up enemies like a balloon. He can use these inflated enemies for an extra jump, or as a weapon projectile.

Sadly, Klonoa didn’t sell well despite the positive reception, as future games were unfortunately scrapped by Namco. As of right now, the chances for a Klonoa revival are very slim.

6 Pandora’s Tower

Pandora’s Tower follows the story of Aeron, a former soldier who traverses through a fortress called the Thirteen Towers to free his love Elena from a curse. There’s a dark vibe to this game, both within the plot and the overall atmosphere.

Gameplay-wise, Pandora’s Tower is an action RPG full of enemies and puzzles. The player will oftentimes find themselves racing against time, with a time counter signifying the progression of Elena’s curse. Defeating enemies is the only way to reverse the curse, and if Elena succumbs to the curse at the end of the time limit, it’s game over.

5 Wario Land: Shake It!

Remarkably, this is the only Wario Land game not released for a handheld console. Wario Land: Shake It! sees Wario going on an adventure through the Shake Dimension – just to find a giant sack of coins. Typical Wario.

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Shake It! is just like any other game in the Wario Land series, but only with the console graphics, bright visuals, and high-quality presentation giving it a more distinct feel. As the protagonist of the game, Wario can ground punch, do a forward charge, and even shake the coins out of enemies – things that you would never see the likes of Mario do.

4 A Boy and His Blob

For those looking for a heartwarming game, A Boy and His Blob is right up anyone’s alley. The original NES title was very difficult and had questionable gameplay, but the remake on the Wii has been done some justice, and then some.

The premise is straightforward, featuring a boy and, well, his blob, teaming up together to defeat an evil emperor. The puzzles are just as straightforward and are a far cry from the hard puzzles in the original game. Along with updated graphics and music, A Boy and His Blob is a mellow puzzle platform for all ages.

3 Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is the sequel to the original Sin & Punishment game, which was a frantic rail shooter masterpiece. Unlike its prequel, which was only available in Japan (or at least until it was available on Nintendo Switch Online), Star Successor happened to find its way to the West.

Just like the original Sin & Punishment, Star Successor features hectic gunfights, as well as swords that can be used to deflect projectiles. One can also fly around on a hoverboard, as they fire away bullets to their heart’s content.

2 Dead Space: Extraction

None of the games from the Dead Space trilogy ever made it to the Wii, but EA would make up for it with Dead Space: Extraction. The Wii title serves as a prequel to the original Dead Space, involving survivors from a mining colony fighting off the Necromoprhs.

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Much like Star Successor, Dead Space: Extraction plays like a rail shooter, but only with a more horror feel. The level design makes for plenty of jumpscares, and also plenty of challenges that the player has to get through. Dead Space Extraction is pretty short, but it’s a fun little romp regardless.

1 Sonic Colors

Most 3D Sonic games tend to get a bad rep and a topic of contention among Sonic fans, but Sonic Colors is one of the better Sonic titles on the Wii. It plays like any other 3D Sonic game, but only with a higher emphasis on platforming.

This game also marked the series debut of the Wisps – colorful aliens creatures that grant Sonic a different power-up to use. A lot of elements from Sonic Unleashed were repurposed in Colors, such as the Sonic Boost and the long-range homing attack, but the Wisps are essentially the bread and butter of this Sonic classic.

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