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10 Characters With The Most Screen Time In The Alien Movies

With Hulu taking the reigns of the upcoming Alien reboot that is said to be a clean slate for the franchise, fans are left speculating what characters will or will not be making their way back into the franchise or if they will be considered part of the new plan. With this still under wraps, fans can only hope for the same great and memorable experience they got from the original movies.

The already established characters from the previous films brought their unique personalities and flair to the stories. And while there are plenty of great characters throughout the films, some received a lot more attention and screen time than others.


Ellen Ripley

As the main character of the first three films and Alien Ressurection, Ellen Ripley steals the spotlight every time. But there is so much more to Ripley than just being the film’s main character.

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Despite some of the movies not sitting well with critics, it’s safe to say that Ripley is still considered an iconic sci-fi figure known for taking the Xenomorphs head-on. With her attitude, sense of humor, and bravery, there’s no question why fans adore her.

The Xenomorph

There is no question about it, this creature is what gets fans rewatching the movies 10 times over. And it truly wouldn’t be the Alien franchise without the iconic Xenomorph.

Aside from Ripley, the Xenomorph is the next big focus, the major antagonist/species that hunt humans down. The Facehuggers and Xenomorphs are always lurking, and in the case of Aliens and Alien Ressurection, the Queen makes an appearance as well. But for the action/horrorfest, the Xenomorph steals all the screen time.


Bishop has to work closely alongside the crew as a Synthetic crew member in the iconic, highly rated ’80s alien film, Aliens. This gives him quite a bit of screen time and plenty of time to establish the absolute hate and distrust that Ripley has towards him due to her experience with the Synthetic named Ash in the first film.

Bishop shows up not only in Aliens but has a brief appearance in Alien 3 as a torn-apart Synthetic, and as a bonus, at the end of the third film, fans get to see his creator, Michael Bishop, who designed Bishop to look exactly like him. With Bishop’s amount of screen time, fans get to see more of this good Synthetic and his corrupt creator.

Corporal Dwayne Hicks

Going into a Xenomorph hive isn’t an easy task and on the USS Sulaco, Corporal Dwayne Hicks was one of the handful of marines to experience the horrors up close and personal. He was also one of the marines that got a lot of screen time.

Aliens had a lot of great, memorable characters, many of whom still get plenty of love from fans. Corporal Dwayne Hicks was one of the few Alien side characters with main character energy and he got a good amount of screen time to contribute to this impression too.

Private Jenette Vasquez

The marines in Aliens did their best to try to defeat the horde of Xenomorphs that killed the colonists aboard the USS Sulaco, but only Corporal Dwayne Hicks survived alongside Ripley, Bishop, and Newt. But that doesn’t mean Hicks was the only marine to get a bit of extra screen time.

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Alongside Corporal Hicks, one of the other marines that went into the horrifying Xenomorph hive was Private Jenette Vasquez. Fans got to see her in many action-packed scenes, and Private Vasquez got enough screen time to solidify her position as the marine with a great sense of humor with plenty of witty comebacks, but still tough as nails.

Leonard Dillon

After crash landing on the planet where the prison, Fury 161, was located in Alien 3, Ripley met a few unsavory characters. One of the prisoners she approaches lays out his crimes on the table and how he found redemption in God, giving him a lot of screen time.

Leonard Dillion is not a great man, but one that fans enjoyed watching. He not only brings together the prisoners together to fight against the Runner (Dog-Xenomorph) but beats the men who try to assault Ripley to a bloody pulp. While the character isn’t particularly likable for his crimes, he gets plenty of screen time and actor Charles S. Dutton did a good job playing the character.

Elizabeth Shaw

Set as the prequel to the Alien films, Prometheus introduced fans to a new set of characters and creatures. The main character in this film is noted as being one of the smartest characters in the Alien franchise and Elizabeth Shaw made a great female protagonist.

While Prometheus wasn’t a fan favorite movie in the franchise, it still had decent effects and a good story with potential and promising characters. And with Elizabeth Shaw being the main character and the one to get the most screen time, she did acquire a fan base of her own and had enough attention on her to warrant fans to ask, “Where is she?” when she did not get a big role in Alien Covenant.


David is the original Synthetic and the one who was assigned to the crew of the USCSS Prometheus. And despite being helpful in certain moments, fans got to see all of his crimes and misdeeds with the number of scenes he was in.

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David played a significant role in Prometheus by interacting with Dr. Shaw and her partner, who would later become the first victim of David’s insidious work. After Prometheus, the events of Alien Covenant took place, and David is re-introduced to fans to show how twisted he had become in the time between the two films.

Katherine Daniels

Instead of Dr. Shaw returning to the big screen, the new female protagonist introduced to fans in Alien Covenant was Katherine Daniels. Daniels played the role of the chief Terraformist upon the USCSS Covenant and would later go on to become captain of the ship.

As the main character, Daniels got plenty of screen time along with a few of her companions. She was likable and made a decent enough impression on the fans who enjoyed the film. Unfortunately, like Prometheus, Alien Covenant was not well received by every fan, and despite those who liked Daniels, it’s unlikely that she’ll see more screen time in the future.

Tennessee Faris

As one of the more comical characters in Alien Covenant and the pilot of the USCSS Covenant, Tennessee Faris was one character that got plenty of screen time alongside Daniels. Despite not being on Planet 4 with the other crewmates, remaining on board the ship with the others that were ordered to stay there, fans got to see plenty of the character and his colorful personality.

During the film, fans got to see Tennessee cracking jokes, making risky decisions, and being a big support system for Daniels. And while Tennessee was entertaining, like the others in the film, it’s very unlikely that fans will see Tennessee alongside Daniels again, as David watches over them in hypersleep at the end of Alien Covenant.

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