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10 Best Quotes From Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny

While Forces Of Destiny will never compete with the likes of The Clone Wars or even Rebels in terms of popularity, there is a lot to enjoy in the web micro-series, not least of all some truly memorable quotes. Considering the show involves characters like Ahsoka, Anakin, Yoda, Leia, Hera, Han, and more, it is no surprise that some lines in the show stand out to viewers.

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The series is, of course, aimed at children more so than any other canon animated show, but like most aspects of Star Wars, that does not mean there are not things for older fans to enjoy, and quotes from beloved characters top that list.


The Opening From Maz

“The Choices We Make, The Actions We Take, Moments Both Big And Small, Shape Us Into Forces Of Destiny.” – Maz Kanata

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Bounty Hunted

Forces Of Destiny opens every episode with the voice of Maz Kanata, who hits audiences with this rather inspirational quote that sums up what the show is about.

It is a great piece of wisdom from one of the best and most fascinating – yet underutilized – Star Wars sequel trilogy characters. The series shows all manner of action being taken, big and small, showing that people do not need to heroically save the Galaxy from Death Stars to be forces for good.

Han’s Painful Admission

“The Ghost Is A Superior Ship To The Falcon.” – Han Solo

One of the best unique duos in Forces Of Destiny is Han Solo and Hera Syndulla, two of the best pilots and Rebel Generals in Star Wars who have great banter in “An Imperial Feast.”

To get given the rations he is looking for from Hera, she demands he say this line, to which Han begrudgingly obliges – doing so pretty much so he can keep Leia happy. The Ghost and the Millennium Falcon are two iconic ships, and these are two excellent characters fans hope to see together again.

Anakin’s Typical Encouragement To Ahsoka

“I’m Proud Of You, Snips.” – Anakin Skywalker

The duo of Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano is not just the best in The Clone Wars, but one of the best in the entire franchise. So it is no shock that when they are involved in episodes of Forces Of Destiny, they tend to be the best of the series.

This is just a great little line from Anakin to his Apprentice. The two are capable of displaying their care, love, and respect for one another outside of their constant banter and competitiveness, and this is one of those sweet moments, albeit one that not many fans will have seen.

Rey Protects BB-8

“If You Want The Droid You’re Going To Have To Come & Get Him.” – Rey

Rey in Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Even though BB-8 is Poe Dameron’s droid, Rey and BB-8 form a great relationship over the sequel trilogy, which gets explored more deeply in Forces Of Destiny.

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Even though she has only just met BB-8 at this point, Rey is determined to keep him safe and protect him from the scum of Jakku. Not only is this indicative of the bond between the pair, but it is a showcase of Rey’s kindness and good heart even before she trains in the Force and fights the First Order.

Leia Gets Welcomed By The Ewoks

“Does It Come With A Spear?” – Leia Organa

Star Wars

“Ewok Escape” shows fans how Leia got her robes on Endor and how she was accepted by the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, and it is a great couple of minutes for audiences.

This line comes after Leia gets handed the robes as a gift from the Ewoks, and it’s just a very Leia thing to say when given a set of dress robes from spear-wielding teddy bears. The Ewok’s are a beloved alien species in Star Wars, and the relationship that characters like Wicket form with Leia are a highlight of their time on-screen.

Ahsoka Gets Herself In Trouble

“Let’s Just Say There Were Some Complications.” – Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano fights off a droid in Forces Of Destiny

Ahsoka Tano cannot help but get herself into messes throughout Star Wars, especially when that trouble involves saving innocent people’s lives. It is one of the many reasons that fans absolutely adore the character.

On her way to a Jedi ceremony held for her, Ahsoka gets distracted by innocent civilians getting terrorized by a malfunctioning droid. When she eventually arrives at the ceremony, this is her typical response. Ahsoka is not one to revel in the glory of being a hero; she just goes about doing so effortlessly.

Leia’s Conversation With Sabine

“You Keep Fighting On The Inside, I’ll Keep Fighting On The Outside.” – Leia Organa

Another one of the great duos that Forces Of Destiny gives to fans is Sabine and Leia, both rebels fighting the same fight, but from different sides of the Senate chamber.

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Leia manages to get Imperial intel to a grateful Sabine and hits her with this quote that sums up their roles in the rebellion. Sabine, along with the Specters, are fighting in the streets, scraping together supplies and people to take the fight to the Empire, while people like Leia, Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa fight from the inside, getting resources and help to the rebellion however they can. This is another pair that would be great to see again.

Ahsoka Reveals That She Knows

“I Could Say The Same About The Two Of You.” – Ahsoka Tano

Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala The Forces of Destiny "Unexpected Company"

While they do their best to keep it a secret, some people find out about the romance between Padmé and Anakin, including Rex, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka Tano. The latter figures it out in the Forces Of Destiny episode “Unexpected Company.”

When the ship that the three are in gets blasted, Ahsoka sees Anakin and Padmé embracing. Later, Padmé notes that Ahsoka and Anakin are a good team, prompting this response from Ahsoka, who pretty much confirms that she knows. The fact that Ahsoka does know makes her relationship with both Padmé and Anakin better and deeper, adding even more layers to their incomparable history together.

Yoda’s Wisdom

“What Makes You Unique, Makes You Strong. This You Must Use. Yourself You Must Always Be.” – Yoda

Wherever Yoda appears in canon, it is a safe bet that he will hit someone with some serious wisdom. In “Teach You, I Will,” Ahsoka gets treated to this insight when Yoda helps train her in lightsaber combat.

Not only is this a typically knowledgable and sage line from the Jedi Master, but it is an inspirational message and one of Yoda’s best non-movie quotes. Individuality and uniqueness is nothing to shy away from, it is to be embraced, it is what makes people who they are, and as Yoda says, it gives them strength. This lesson helped Ahsoka learn to dual-wield lightsabers and is one that many more people could learn from.

More Of Yoda’s Wisdom

“As In Life, Some Paths Are Clear, Some Perilous. To Step Forward Walk The Same Path Your Mind And Body Must. Now Run.” – Yoda

Yoda trains Luke in Forces Of Destiny

Yoda is such a consistently brilliant character that when he pops up on-screen, he rarely gives fans just one quote to adore and ponder over, he has to give two or three little nuggets of excellence. Forces Of Destiny is no different.

Yoda appears again in the series in “The Path Ahead,” which shows what went on moments before Luke and Yoda’s training of running through the Dagobah trees, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. This quote is to help Luke run through the swamp with ease, using the Force as his ally. It is genuinely a line that could fit in the movie it is so good. Nothing beats Yoda’s “Luminous beings” monologue, but he proves time and time again that he never runs out of incredible utterances.

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